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Laser engraving machine for every application

MetaQuip has an extensive laser engraving machine portfolio for both professional applications with larger volumes, but also laser engraving machine solutions for small series where short switching times and maximum flexibility are central. In this blog we would like to take a closer look at the possibilities of the different laser engraving machines, the differences and what else is involved.

Different types of laser engraving machines

During laser engraving, the material is locally heated for a very short time, causing a change in the material surface. The actual effect is different for each laser engraving machine. There are machines that remove, burn, roughen or actually discolor the top layer. Roughly there are the following types of laser engraving machines:

CO2 laser engraving machine

CO2 laser machines are used for processing in particular organic materials, such as leather, wood, somewhat coarser glassware and can (with a somewhat coarser resolution) also remove the top layer of anodized aluminum.

If you want to process larger numbers of organic material (for example serial laser engraving of wooden boxes) then a CO2 galvo laser engraving machine a better solution. This machine can also be easily integrated into production lines.

Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

For laser engraving and marking metal fiber laser machines are used. These machines work with a laser head with an XY mirror in it. The advantage of this is reliability, speed and high resolution. 

Some depth can also be achieved by laser engraving locally a number of times in the same place. This is used, among others, for artists and jewelers for the processing of thin silver, among other things.

UV laser engraving machines

UV laser engraving machines use a different wavelength especially suitable for laser engraving delicate glassware and a large number of plastics. 

Advantages of engraving and marking with a MetaQuip laser engraving machine


Laser engraving is a fast process. Depending on the type of laser engraving machine, an engraving is on the material in a few seconds. A normal CO2 laser machine is an exception! This machine scans the surface with a mechanically moving laser head, which takes a long time to place a laser engraving.


No further chemicals are used. The laser light is the only tool.


Since the material is actually changed, a laser engraving is not soluble and in most cases remains permanently visible.

High resolution

Depending on the wavelength used, a laser engraving has a high resolution that is difficult to match with most other techniques. 

 Materials you can laser engrave

CO2 laser engraving machine

  • Acrylic, Rubber, Plastic (without PVC) and Plexiglas sheet material
  • Crystal, Glass, Jade, Jewels
  • Wood, MDF (also sprayed), Vineer, Bamboo, Cork
  • Marble, natural stone, mirrors
  • Leather, Textile, Paper, Cardboard
  • ... ask us!
Leather laser engraving CO2 laser engraving machine for leather
CO2 laser engraving machine for leather
Laser marking aluminum type plate fiber laser engraving machine
Laser engraving of metals

Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

MetaQuip also supplies fiber marking lasers with which aluminum, cast iron, iron, stainless steel and other metals can be engraved. Common applications are the engraving of type plates, serial numbers, logos, barcodes, QR codes, etc.

UV laser engraving machine

With a UV laser engraving machine you can make perfect engravings on most plastics, but also very subtle engravings on glass or Printed Circuit Board. The engravings and markings are permanent and do not use any chemical additives.

uv laser machine plastics typumber laser engraving
Laser engraving plastics

 Users of laser engraving machines

  • Interior construction, Shipbuilding, Contractors, Kitchen construction, Repair shops
  • Engraving companies, Glass and Painting companies, Signage and Advertising companies
  • Leer & Teteil
  • Leather and Textile companies, souvenirs and business gifts
  • Stonecutters, Artists, Architects
  • Carpentry factories
  • ... Let's look together to see if it can also offer a solution for your challenges.

 Benefits of laser engraving machines

  • High precision, accuracy and reproducibility.
  • No dust, no noise, smooth cutting edges
  • Digital design and immediate results.
  • Super quality for a very competitive price, but with good service!

More information

More information about the different laser engraving machines and possibilities. Go to the laser engraving machines overview page ...

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