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Scale model and model making with laser technique

Within the world of architecture, scale model building and model building, the end result of the scale model or model is of great importance. A beautiful model can make a big impression and ensures that the design really comes to life. Scale model and model making with laser technology offers interesting possibilities!

Clients or customers can imagine much better what the design will look like in reality. Making a scale model or model is craftsmanship. It is important to maintain the correct proportions and to be precise when cutting.

In addition, the finishing of the model is also of great importance and this can take a lot of time.

Model making with laser machines

Fortunately, there is a solution for every architect, model builder and model builder: laser technology and machine. With a laser machine you can quickly, safely, effectively and affordably convert your designs into high-quality models and scale models.

Here are nice examples of model building based on the MetaQuip CO2 laser machine LITE that is used for very precise engraving and cutting.

These model construction examples were made by Laserchef with a CO2 laser machine from MetaQuip. For more information and examples, check out his Insta @Laserchef or mail to: laserchefhilversum@gmail.com

Model shed cut and engraved with CO2 LITE
Model shed cut and engraved with CO2 LITE

10 Advantages of laser cutting and engraving for model making

  1. Precision: Laser cutting offers unparalleled precision when cutting even the most complex shapes. This ensures perfect fits and precise details.
  2. Speed: Laser cutting is much faster than cutting out materials by hand, making the model building process much more efficient.
  3. Flexibility: Lasers can cut almost any material, from paper and cardboard to wood, acrylic and metal.
  4. Reproducibility: Laser cutting makes it easy to create multiple identical parts, making reproducing the same model consistent time and time again.
  5. Minimal waste: The precision of laser cutting minimizes waste material, reducing costs and environmental impact.
  6. No physical force required: Laser cutting requires no physical force, meaning the laser can easily cut materials that are too hard or too thick to be cut by hand.
  7. Safety: Laser cutting is a safe way to cut materials because no blades or other sharp objects are used.
  8. Personalization: With laser cutting you can easily create personalized designs such as names, logos or other images that can be engraved.
  9. Minimizes errors: Laser cutting minimizes the chance of errors and inaccuracies, making the end product look more professional.
  10. Cost effective: Due to the speed, precision and reproducibility of laser cutting, the final product is produced more efficiently, which can lead to cost savings.

Desktop CO2 Laser Machine LITE2+

The examples on this page were made with the Desktop CO2 laser machine LITE 2+.

The Desktop CO2 laser machine LITE 2plus is a high-quality desktop CO2 laser machine for extremely accurate laser cutting and laser engraving of a large number of materials such as wood, leather, cardboard, paper and plastics such as Plexiglas/acrylate.

This laser machine has a work bed of 600 x 400 mm with a motorized height-adjustable work surface. This allows you to quickly and easily switch between different material thicknesses.

CO2 laser machines use an invisible high power infrared laser. The MetaQuip LITE 2 plus is a laser class 1 device, so it is intrinsically safe to use. As a result, this laser machine can be used without further laser safety measures. A honeycomb bed is included as standard.

You can prepare a laser job with the included laser software (Windows, MAC OSX and Linux). Then you send your digital designs to the laser machine, place the material and the job is executed. It is also possible to import vector files (ai, pdf, dxf, svg) for laser cutting or images for laser engraving.

MetaQuip supplies a complete solution, consisting of a laser machine, industrial water cooler, air compressor, exhaust fan, laser software and manual with which you can get started immediately. a

LITE2plus Desktop CO2 laser machine 60 x 40cm
Desktop CO2 laser machine LITE2+