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Laser machine distributors & Collaboration

Your dedicated partner in advanced laser technology!

MetaQuip is a pioneer in innovative laser machines that push the standards for precision, reliability and efficiency. With our commitment to high-quality manufacturing, we strive to transform the industry through cutting-edge technologies.

High Quality Machines

Designed to deliver exceptional performance, our laser machines form the backbone of manufacturing processes across industries including manufacturing, medical, automotive, and more. The versatility and adaptability of our machines make them perfectly suited to a wide range of applications, and we continually strive to push boundaries and meet the needs of diverse markets.

MetaQuip also develops its own unique laser machines itself and in collaboration with partners. Quality products with unique properties in the market.

Lite Desktop Fiber Laser Engraving Machine - open

What does MetaQuip offer specifically?

Collaboration opportunities for resellers and distributors

We strongly believe in collaboration and sharing expertise. That's why we invite passionate resellers and distributors to join us and become part of our growing network of partners. Together we strive to deliver superior solutions to customers worldwide, while at the same time pursuing a thriving and profitable partnership.

Extensive support and training

What we offer to our partners goes beyond just products. In addition to our high-quality laser machines, we offer comprehensive support, expert training and innovative marketing materials that help maximize sales opportunities. Our goal is to create a lasting and fruitful partnership, where we grow and celebrate success together.

Become part of the MetaQuip family and discover the possibilities of a partnership with a leading player in laser technology. Together we build a future of unprecedented possibilities.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can work together to push boundaries and conquer new markets!

MetaQuip Laser Machine Distributors


Advice, sales of 3D printers, laser cutters, product development.

The Netherlands

VanHooren Polyester

A special store in plastics, CNC milling machines & laser machines.


3D In The Box

Advice, sales, leasing 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D software, laser cutters.


Canpro AS

Design & installation of industrial robots and robot solutions.


Lamda KG

Design & installation of industrial machines and solutions.


Collaboration partners

golden laser

For fiber laser cutters, MetaQuip has an active collaboration with Golden laser, an established supplier of high-quality and innovative machines.


BOFA supplies industrial air filters of high quality. We have a suitable solution for every application.


LAPROCON is an engineering and consultancy firm in the field of laser technology and laser safety. Laprocon…

Laprocon laser safety

light burn

MetaQuip works closely with Lightburn for the CO2 laser machines.

Light burn laser software…