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Laser machine parts and accessories

Laser machine parts in stock

MetaQuip has most laser machine parts and accessories for CO2, fiber engraving and cutting lasers in stock. Here you will find a limited selection of the most common parts. Are you looking for a part for your laser machine? Please contact us, we probably have it in stock.

Fix it yourself or have it carried out by MetaQuip

We only supply high quality laser machine parts and accessories so that you can replace them yourself. Do you think that is too complex? Please contact us and we can look for the best solution together.

MQ1060 laser tube laser machine parts
Laser machine parts – glass laser tubes from Reci or Yongli

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We supply, among other things, the following laser machine parts & accessories

CO2 lasers

CO2 accessories >

Honeycomb beds
Laser tubes – glass or metal
Rotational modules – rotary engraving Water cooling
Laser mirrors and lenses
Cleaning sets


Laser software >

Special laser software to support your laser projects.

Fiber engraving lasers

Fiber engraving accessories >

Laser safety glasses
Rotary Modules – Circular Engraving


Cleaning and cleaning >

Products to clean and sanitize your machine.

Industrial air filters


BOFA air filters for cleaning laser gases and vapors.

Laser machine parts for CO2 Laser Machines

Below you will find various laser machine parts and expansion options for MetaQuip CO2 laser machines. Our laser machine parts are always of high quality.


With the SenseTouch Autofocus laser head for CO2 laser machines from the production or portal series, you can set the correct focus height with the push of a button. Load material and press the focus button. The laser now searches for the correct focus setting to the material and you are ready to start the laser process. It's that simple.

Honeycomb bed feet

MetaQuip supplies honeycomb bed feet for your MetaQuip CO2 laser machine. With these honeycomb bed feet, your honeycomb bed is always in exactly the same place. Your honeycomb bed is always nice and straight and in a fixed position when it is replaced. This makes absolute work, for example if you often use molds, a lot easier.

Automatic air regulation

MetaQuip has developed an air supply control for CO2 laser machines. With this extension, the air pressure of the laser head is adjustable, so that you can reduce any precipitation of laser vapor during laser engraving in particular and get tighter engraving results. Suitable for CO2 PRODUCTION series and CO2 PORTAL series. Switch easily between normal or reduced air supply.

High resolution engraving lens

MetaQuip's high resolution CO2 laser lens is the perfect addition to your CO2 laser machine for laser cutting or engraving with very high precision and maximum sharpness and resolution. The smaller laser spot diameter compared to the standard lens allows you to process the material more accurately and precisely.

laser tube

Spare glasses laser tubes if your current laser tube is broken. The laser tubes we supply are exclusively A-brands from major players.

water coolers

Industrial water coolers for cooling your laser tube. Our water coolers keep the demi cooling water perfectly at the set temperature. Extra heavy models also available.

honeycomb bed

Right away honeycomb bed you will prevent small cut shapes from falling into the laser and it is possible to lay flat materials on flexible materials such as fabrics.

Rotation module – CO2 Lite basic

Rotary rotary module for the MetaQuip CO2 LITE2+. It allows you to easily engrave tubes, glasses and bottles.

Rotation – CO2 Production base

With a rotation module you can easily laser engrave round objects, such as tubes and glasses. Suitable for MetaQuip CO2 machines from the production series.

Rotation module – CO2 advanced

With this circular engraving module you can place objects at an angle for better engraving on curved objects. Especially for glasses and mugs, but can also easily clamp other objects with the three-claw. Suitable for CO2 LITE2+.

Lens for CO2 laser

If your lens for your CO2 laser machine gets damaged, you can easily replace it yourself. Small scratches and contamination can already have a significant effect on your laser results.

Mirrors for CO2 laser

Damaged or contaminated mirrors must be replaced in time to guarantee maximum laser power. Always replace mirrors if there is damage!

Cleaning Set Lens & Mirror

Regular cleaning of your lens and mirror is essential for the maintenance of your laser machine. Clean lenses and mirrors ensure maximum engraving and cutting results.

laser software

Additional software to make working with your laser machine easier.


PhotoGrav is the perfect addition if you do a lot of engraving. Photos are easily made suitable for laser engraving optimized for a wide variety of materials. PhotoGrav can be used in combination with a CO2 laser machine or fiber laser engraving machine.

Lightburn laser software

CO2 laser software that works with Windows, MAC OSx and Linux.


Laser machine parts and accessories for fiber engraving lasers

MetaQuip supplies a number of laser machine parts for fiber engraving lasers. Below are the most common. MetaQuip also has most parts in the machine in stock.

Rotation module

For laser engraving of round objects such as rings and cylinders.
More information about applications of rotation modules for fiber lasers and sample videos…

Wide-angle lens

For laser engraving of larger surfaces. The light intensity per unit area is therefore reduced, but for a number of applications that is not a problem.

Extra laser safety glasses

These laser safety goggles are only required with our open fiber lasers. The closed fiber laser machines are laser safety class 1, which does not require additional protection.

Laser machine cleaning & cleaning

In order to keep your machine in top condition, it is important to regularly keep different parts clean and greased. In the extensive training video about the maintenance of a CO2 laser machine is explained step by step how to keep your laser machine in top condition. How to clean the laser head, how to clean lens and mirrors, and then test whether the optical path is still properly aligned.

foam cleaner

machine cleaner

Lubricant / Guides

Maintenance package