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SenseTouch laser head height sensor – CO2 laser production

Always the right focus height setting

With the SenseTouch laser head height sensor for CO2 laser machines from the production and portal series you can set the focus height of the laser head fully automatically with the push of a button. Load material and press the focus button. The laser now searches for the correct focus setting for the material and you are ready to start the laser process. It's that simple.

Advantage SenseTouch laser head height sensor

The SenseTouch laser head height sensor is self-cleaning, so it will not become dirty over time, so that it continues to function well over time. In addition, the SenseTouch laser head height sensor for CO2 laser machines moves far away from the work surface, so that the laser up and the height sensor can never touch the workpiece during laser engraving or laser cutting.

SenseTouch laser head height sensor. Self-cleaning
SenseTouch Autofocus Laser Head


During laser processing, vaporized material is released which precipitates on everything around the laser head. The SenseTouch is fully integrated into the laser head, so that it is not contaminated and the operation remains optimal over time. Reliable operation and minimal maintenance!

Easy in use

With the LED indicator on the sensor you can always easily check whether the SenseTouch height sensor is active. The LED indicator will light up as soon as the laser machine is turned on and the operation can be checked by manually pressing the sensor head. This height sensor is easy to remove during machine maintenance.

Optional for the CO2 production series

MetaQuip supplies the CO2 SenseTouch laser head with built-in focus height adjustment as an option with new CO2 laser machines from the production series.

Conversion of existing MetaQuip machines

It is possible to provide existing MetaQuip machines with the CO2 SenseTouch laser head, but the machine must be converted by MetaQuip for this. This can be combined with a service in which we check your entire machine. Contact MetaQuip to inquire about the possibilities.


MetaQuip is continuously working to improve its laser machines. The SenseTouch laser head height sensor development is also a good example of this. Various methods for automatic height determination are offered in the market. Many use a pin that is lower than the laser head, just like MetaQuip's basic autofocus sensor. As a result, this pen is always close to the material to be processed. If the material is not perfectly flat, there is the possibility that this pin will hit the material, causing it to move. Other solutions use an auxiliary tool that must be manually placed on the workpiece after each material thickness change and is regularly lost.
For these reasons, MetaQuip has developed a new laser head height sensor that is fully integrated in the laser head.