Laser cutting and laser engraving of leather

Laser cutting and laser engraving of leather
Laser cutting of leather

A MetaQuip CO2 laser can be used in a fast and simple way for laser cutting and engraving of (artificial) leather. Design on your computer with a software package that you are used to then load the design into the laser software and cut or engrave the learning object.

How does laser engraving work?

Laser engraving refines the surface of the material, so the quality of the material increases. In addition, a haptic effect is produced during laser engraving; this in contrast to printing. Special advantages when using the laser on leather are: beautiful natural effec, speed, flexibility and precision. The nesting function, which is included in the laser software, ensures that economic use is made of the leather.

Which designs and sizes of leather can I cut with a laser cutter?

Almost all designs can be realized with the laser. Laser cutting is a burning process so for extremely thin figures you first have to check how the result looks.

What are the advantages compared to conventional cutting processes?

Laser cutting of leather is a contactless and tool-free process. There is no contact during the laser cutting process. As a result, there is no question of warping. The laser beam melts the material, after which clean and smooth cuts result. The cutting edges and the engraving surface will generally be darker in color.

Suitable laser machines

For cutting wood, leather, and a large number of plastics, you have one CO2 laser machine required. Important things to keep in mind are: what is the maximum size of the object that I want to cut out, that determines the size of your worktop and what is the maximum thickness that has to be cut that determines the laser power you need.

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