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Circular engraving module – laser engraving at an angle


With this MetaQuip circular engraving module you can laser engrave round, cylindrical and conical objects not only horizontally but also at an angle. This makes it possible to laser engrave convexities of glasses more easily and with better quality. This circular engraving module is suitable for the CO2 LITE2+ series.  

  • Laser engraving of round objects, cylindrical and conical objects with maximum sharpness and resolution
  • Engraving all kinds of glassware, glasses, bottles, tubes, rods and other round objects
  • Laser engraving horizontally or at an angle of up to 15 degrees.
  • Switch quickly and easily between rotary module and normal laser cutting or engraving

Note: Your MetaQuip LITE2+ CO2 laser machine must be equipped with a rotation module connection. MetaQuip can also install it afterwards at an additional cost.

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Rotary Engraving Module especially for glasses and mugs.

MetaQuip was often asked whether there is no easier solution for laser engraving glasses and mugs than the standard rotation modules. That is why we have developed this new rotary engraving module for glassware and mugs. You are very welcome for a demonstration.

If you want to know more about the rotary engraving module for laser engraving champagne glasses, wine glasses and mugs, please contact MetaQuip.

Laser engraving of wine glasses
Laser engraving of wine glasses

Laser engraving of wine glasses and champagne glasses

Thanks to the stepless angle adjustment of this rotary engraving module, you can engrave at an angle. This allows you to perfectly laser engrave objects such as wine glasses that are more difficult. Thanks to the spring-loaded suspension, the object always centers perfectly and the wine glass can be placed and removed quickly.

Laser engraving of mugs

Due to the raised suspension, this rotary engraving module also makes it possible to laser engrave objects with protrusions, such as the ears of a glass or a head, quickly and without any problems.

Laser engraving of mugs
Laser engraving of mugs
rotation module laser engraving
Infinitely adjustable angle

Angle is infinitely adjustable

The angle of this rotation unit is stepless and perfectly adjustable from completely horizontal to an angle of 15 degrees.

The rotary engraving module can easily be placed on the knife bed or the supplied rotation holder in the case of the MetaQuip CO2 LITE 2+.

Easy clamping of a variety of objects

Because this rotation module uses a self-centering three-jaw, you can quickly and easily clamp a large number of round objects to the outside of the object. Think of pens, tubes, ladle handles, etc.

It is also possible to secure larger objects from the inside. Think of larger tubes, rings, etc. 

Self-centering three-jaw for easy pick-up from outside or inside

Technical specifications

  • Maximum object length: 250mm
  • Secure object: spring-loaded suspension for quick insertion and removal
  • Maximum object diameter: 150mm (also suitable for mugs)
  • Clamping jaw: self-centering, 50mm
  • Angle adjustment: 15 degrees (easy laser engraving of glassware with curves)
  • Simple glass positioning: cone and stepped rotating center attachment
  • Placement: “fixed” placement on an existing rotation tray or knife bed
  • Suitable for:
    • MetaQuip CO2 Lite2+ (with rotation module preparation)
  • Rotation Module: Nema 17 with a holding torque of 5kg/cm