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Fiber Metal Laser Cutter – FC1390

39.800,00 ex.VAT | 48.158,00 incl

Metal laser cutter for laser cutting metal with high speed and precision

The MQ1390 fiber metal laser cutter is the ideal machine for laser cutting of metal for Education and SMEs due to its compact, stable and above all safe design. Laser cutting offers the user unprecedented flexibility in processing metal sheet metal, from very thin to thickness > 10 mm. Convert your idea into a real design tomorrow, the ease of use of this laser machine will amaze you.

MetaQuip's FC1390 fiber metal laser cutter effortlessly cuts through a large number of metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel and brass plate. The edges are super-sleek so that further post-processing is not necessary in most cases. The MQ-FC1390 has a work surface of 1300 x 900 mm, suitable for smaller and somewhat thinner sheet material. This machine is particularly suitable for schools and companies. The MetaQuip FC1390 is available with laser powers from 500 to 2 kW. The FC1390 comes standard with a Raycus laser source and is equipped with an automatic focus setting as standard! 

  • Laser cutting: carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, galvanized steel, brass plate, etc. without post-processing
  • Laser power: 500W *, 750W *, 1000W, 1.5kW, 2kW. (* on request)
  • Work surface: 1300 x 900mm
  • Minimum maintenance. No mirrors, no adjustment of the optical path.
  • Easy to use. Comes standard with fully automatic focus setting.
  • Software: Integrated computer with Cypcut laser software
  • Basic set of laser head service parts - Supplied complete, immediately suitable for cutting multiple metals.
  • Safety: Laser class 3R - safe in all situations without extra protection.
  • Certification: CE - meets all machine guidelines

Please note that the price shown is a starting price based on the 1.0kW model!

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FC1390 Fiber Metal Laser Cutter

The MQ-FC1390 fiber metal laser cutter cuts at high speed and with extreme precision through a large number of metals without further post-processing. This fiber laser machine works with a direct fiber source, ensuring high reliability and limited maintenance. The machine is fitted with certified laser safety glass and is completely laser safe. This is a somewhat smaller machine that is mainly used in schools and smaller companies. For large objects, more laser power and large production series, we recommend the FC1510, FC3015 and the FC4020.

Demonstration of the FC1390
FC1390 in Action!

Effortless laser cutting of metals!

The MQ 1390 fiber metal laser cutter is standard available with laser powers from 500W to 2kW. For higher powers, the frame is modified at some points such as placing the source outside the laser. Are you looking for a flexible solution, it is also possible to make the laser bed adjustable in height to place larger objects in the machine, feel free to ask for the options. At MetaQuip there is a deviation from the standard is no exception since every customer is unique.

Laser source – Raycus, IPG or…

MetaQuip uses Raycus and IPG sources. Raycus is one of the largest players in China and over the past decade Raycus has proven to provide high quality laser sources from 10W to 20kW power. For the laser head, MetaQuip uses Raytools laser heads with autofocus and height tracking function. All laser cutting parameters are set from the software, which is why MetaQuip always recommends using the Raytools laser head for every power.

All parts for Raytools laser heads are in stock and, where necessary, the MetaQuip technicians can provide full service to the laser head. All Raytools laser heads are equipped with a built-in detection if the head hits objects. This prevents accidents and because the process is paused, the user has time to remove the object and continue with the workpiece.

Laser door MetaQuip FC1390 Fiber metal laser cutter
FC1390 metal laser cutter

Full automatic focus setting

MetaQuip supplies the MQ-FC1390 fiber metal laser cutter standard with full automatic focus setting. This has advantages in particular when laser cutting somewhat thicker plate material. The thickness range of the materials to be cut is wider, requiring frequent changes to the focus setting. This means that the focus setting must not only be set after changing the metal type, but also between different material thicknesses. The automatic focus setting, but the operation is simpler and less prone to error.

Example of stainless steel laser cutting
Metal fibercutter height controller

Fully automatic height sensor

The MQ-FC1390 fiber metal laser cutter is equipped with a fully automatic height sensor. This ensures that the laser head always follows the metal perfectly, even if the material is not completely flat. This guarantees a perfect cutting result. The height sensor samples the height 1000x per second and adjusts the height with a static accuracy of 10 micrometers (50um dynamic response accuracy) within a range of 0-25mm. The focus setting is set per material.

Control panel

The MQ-FC1390 fiber metal laser cutter works in exactly the same logical way as our other laser machines. This makes the machine easy to use and the operator can quickly learn how to work safely with the MetaQuip fiber laser metal laser cutters. The MQ1390 service is done entirely from the control unit.

All peripheral equipment is operated from the control unit and malfunctions mentioned in the software / cutting are blocked if this can lead to damage. If the filter unit is not active, the process will stop to prevent vapors from building up in the machine. By checking the peripheral equipment, damage can be prevented and the user has from the control unit full insight into the process.

The machine is supplied with an industrial remote control as standard. This gives the user direct access to most remote functions.

Control panel MetaQuip FC1390 metal laser cutter

Digital alarm cutting gas flow sensors flow

Alarm at low oxygen and/or nitrogen pressure

MetaQuip supplies the FC1390 standard equipped with digital flow sensors for the oxygen and nitrogen supply. The cutting gas sensors are fully integrated in the software. If the gas pressure is too low or fails, for example because the gas bottle is empty, you will receive a warning on the screen and the cutting process will be stopped. This prevents cutting damage to the workpiece and more importantly prevents any damage to the laser head.

Digitally adjustable flow of oxygen

The gas flow of oxygen is digitally adjustable. So that you can select exactly the right gas flow for specific materials. The gas flow has a direct influence on the cutting quality.

Standard features on the FC1390 fiber metal laser cutter

Air exhaust detection

The gases and vapors released from laser cutting metal can be poisonous. That is why good air extraction is essential. The moment the air extraction does not work, this is automatically detected by the security system and the machine controller automatically switches off the laser source.

Smart crash detection

Objects that are cut free can sometimes tilt upwards, creating the risk of the laser head bumping into it. The built-in smart crash detection in the laser head prevents this from happening. The laser head moves to a safe position and the machine alerts the operator so that he can remove the object and continue the laser job safely.

Water cooling for the laser head

The laser head of a fiber laser machine must be properly cooled. A high-quality water cooler with 2 separate cooling circuits is supplied as standard. As a result, the laser source and laser head with the lenses are kept separately and very accurately at the perfect temperature. Any warnings are shown on the operator's display and in the event of an alarm, the laser is immediately turned off to prevent damage.

Remote control

The MQ-FC1390 comes standard with a radiographic remote control. It allows you to control all main functions remotely. This works quickly and easily. The remote is magnetic and can easily be placed anywhere on the machine.

Automatic edge detection

The built-in height controller BCS100 can automatically search the edges of the sheet material. The software can then automatically compensate so that objects are always cut within the sheet material.

Solid state laser source

MetaQuip supplies the FC1390 with a solid state as standard Raycus fiber laser source. Raycus sources are very stable and have a service life of at least 80000 hours. Optionally, the machine can also be equipped with a IPG laser source. The laser source has no moving parts and is completely maintenance-free except for the laser head.

Cypcut laser software

MetaQuip supplies the fiber laser metal cutter with the Cypcut software program as standard. Cypcut works intuitively for both the beginner and the professional user and also has some advanced features such as automatic nesting functions to organize plates efficiently, extensive lead in / out options, micro joints, fly-cutting , pierce functions and extensive cutting settings. The entire laser machine can be operated via Cypcut and all warnings and error messages are received centrally here.

Motorized vertical sliding door

The MQ1390 has one vertical sliding door allowing maximum access to the machine. This one is provided with a light lock. If this is passed, the machine is immediately stopped, causing the safety of the operator.

Material type & thickness

The following material can be cut on the FC1390 fiber metal laser cutter:

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Titanium
  • Galvanized steel
  • Galvanized sheet
  • Copper alloy
  • Many other metals

The thickness of the metal to be cut depends on the laser power and the cutting gas used. Cutting aluminum or copper requires a higher laser power. Guidelines:

Metal cutting thickness guidelines

Help / Cutting gases

To laser cut metal, auxiliary gases are required as shown above. MetaQuip does not supply auxiliary gases itself, but can advise you on this.

Air Extraction and filtering

The metal fumes released when laser cutting metal are harmful to health. A good air extraction and filter installation is therefore necessary. MetaQuip can advise you and provide you with a suitable solution.

BOFA air filters for laser machines

We only work with BOFA air filters. BOFA filters achieve a higher negative pressure at lower flow rates, which means they can better remove heavy particles from the machine. BOFA filter by their patented design a much longer filter duration. A BOFA filter guarantees you of one good service over the years, one much lower consumption of filters, making a BOFA filter significantly cheaper to use over the competitors in the filter market.

BOFA Spark arrestor

The BOFA Sparkarrestor ensures that any glowing metal parts are caught, which also extends the life of the AD1000 unit's pre-filter and reduces the risk of fire. BOFA air filters are these filters equipped with remote start / stop and feedback to the laser, so that laser can only be performed if the filter is working correctly. 

light use

For light use we recommend and supply the BOFA AD1000iQ with Spark arrestor. The AD1000iQ is an industrial air filter that ensures that the air is cleaned of toxic fumes and particles.

Intensive use

For more intensive use and larger machines, we also supply the BOFA AD2000iQ or AD4000iQ. MetaQuip can advise you on this.

Laser cutting of metal - metal laser cutters

Machine guidelines, CE certification & laser safety

Laser safety is paramount for MetaQuip as they can cause permanent damage to eyes and skin without the user noticing. This machine is a closed machine. Laserkasse 3R therefore safe for the operator at all times. The machine is CE certified and complies with the applicable machine guidelines. This machine is fully equipped with safety interlocks, equipped with an approved emergency stop circuit and meets all applicable electrical safety requirements. The MQ1390 is one of the few fiber laser machines in its price range that one fully Dutch laser safety inspection can consult. In addition to an approved safety circuit, MetaQuip uses alone European security windows with certificate. All machines at MetaQuip are checked on several aspects by externally accredited inspection companies in the Netherlands.

FC1390 fiber metal laser cutter – Design by MetaQuip. Made in China.

MetaQuip designs its own machines in the Netherlands, which are produced specifically for MetaQuip at our selected Chinese partners. By having our own employees on site, MetaQuip can offer the quality and safety of a European design at competitive prices. Our own technicians install the machine and give you training in use and until long after the warranty you can use our service network for your questions, parts and maintenance.

Quotation, demonstration or try your own material on the FC1390 fiber metal laser cutter? 

Service & Support

MetaQuip offers extensive technical support in making the right machine choice, selecting or optimizing settings for your
specific material or application. MetaQuip offers various service options and contracts depending on your specific wishes and requirements. 

All machines are always unpacked at MetaQuip, checked and, where necessary, adjusted to customer specifications. So no surprises during the installation at your location. To be able to start immediately, MetaQuip has been own training courses. We guide you on the basis of the software through the various options and steps necessary to be able to cut yourself. MetaQuip can after completing the training certificate however issue the support does not end when completing the training. MetaQuip has its own support website where more support and information is offered. If questions are still not answered, you as a customer can at any time ask our technicians on our support website. 

Complete delivered fiber metal laser cutter

  • MetaQuip-FC1390 fiber metal laser cutter with integrated PC with Cypcut laser software. Supplied as standard with auto focus laser head.
  • Radio remote control
  • Industrial dual zone water cooler
  • Basic set of laser head service parts
  • Product & software manual (NL and EN)
Metal laser cutting fiber cutters

Technical specifications

  • Laser Type: Raycus laser source, IPG or other options on request.
  • Laser wavelength: 1060nm
  • Laser Power:
    • 500W, 750W (on request)
    • 1kW
    • 1.5kW,
    • 2.0kW,
  • Workbed size: 1300 x 900mm
  • Cutting speed: 0-30 m / min (depending on material and thickness)
  • XYZ orientation precision: <+/- 0.05mm / m
  • XYZ repeat precision: <+/- 0.03mm / m
  • Minimum line width: <0.15mm
  • Maximum travel speed: 120m / min
  • Maximum load working table: 500kg
  • Cooling: water cooling
  • Working environment: 0-35 ° C
  • Voltage requirements: 220VAC / single phase, 380VAC 3 phases, 50 or 60Hz
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 229 x 226 x 177 cm
  • Closed machine for maximum laser safety
  • Control Software: Cypcut with CAD and CorelDraw support
  • Autofocus: also tracks uneven material with an accuracy of 10 micrometers
  • Door: certified (green) laser safety glass (inspection report available)
  • E-chain®: yes
  • Red pointer: placeholder
  • Integrated computer with laser software
  • Dutch or English product & software manual
Laser head close-up MetaQuip FC1390 metal laser cutter

Delivery, installation & training

Inquire about the current stock. If the machine is not in stock, the delivery time is between 11-13 weeks. Faster is possible against additional costs (delivery time 6-9 weeks). This machine can be picked up (free) or delivered for a flat rate, installed on site and you will receive basic training on how to operate the machine.

To prepare for installation, find one here installation instructions for the fiber laser metal cutter.


2-year guarantee on the machine, 50-100,000 hours on the laser source (depending on the brand chosen and the conditions under which the machine is used).


Make an appointment to see the fiber laser cutting machine at MetaQuip in action.

More information

Product Leaflet Fibercut MQ1390-EN.pdf
Product Leaflet Fibercut MQ1390-EN.pdf

MetaQuip FC1390 metal laser cutter