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FC6060 Fiber laser cutting machine Metal

35.700,00 ex.VAT | 43.197,00 incl

Effortless metal laser cutting!

MetaQuip's FC6060 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Metal cuts effortlessly through a large number of metals such as carbon steel, stainless steel and brass plate. The edges are super-sleek so that further post-processing is not necessary in most cases. The MQ-FC6060 has a working area of 600 x 600 mm, suitable for small sheet material. This machine is ideal for schools and SMEs due to the limited floor space occupied by the machine. The MetaQuip FC6060 is available with laser powers from 500 to 2000W.

  • Laser cutting: carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, galvanized steel, brass plate, etc. without post-processing
  • Laser power: 500W, 750W, 1000W. 1500W, 2kW
  • Work surface: 560 x 560mm
  • Minimum maintenance. No mirrors, no adjustment of the optical path.
  • Software: Integrated computer with Cypcut laser software
  • Safety: Laser class 3R - safe in all situations without extra protection.
  • Certification: CE - meets all machine guidelines

Please note that the price shown is a starting price based on the 1.0kW model, excluding side window.


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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Metal – FC6060

The Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Metal FC6060 is the smallest fiber laser in MetaQuip's fiber laser cutting machine prototyping portfolio for laser cutting of metal. With this laser machine you can perfectly laser cut flat metal plates. The Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine has a working area of 600 x 600mm. Due to the limited dimensions, this fiber laser machine is very suitable for schools and small companies with limited floor space.

MQ FC6060 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Metal - Front
FC6060 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Metal
Demonstration of the FC6060 fiber laser cutter

Metal laser cutting without post-processing

The MQ-FC6060 Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine cuts at high speed and with extreme precision through a large number of metals without further post-processing. This machine works with a direct fiber source, ensuring high reliability and limited maintenance. The machine is fitted with certified laser safety glass and is completely laser safe. This is the smallest and most affordable fiber laser metal cutting machine and is perfect for schools and SMEs.

Fully automatic height sensor

The MQ-FC6060 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Metal is equipped with a fully automatic height sensor. This ensures that the laser head always follows the metal perfectly, even if the material is not completely flat. This guarantees a perfect cutting result. The height sensor samples the height 1000x per second and adjusts the height with a static accuracy of 10 micrometers (50um dynamic response accuracy) within a range of 0-25mm. The focus setting is set per material.

MQ FC6060 fiber metal laser cutter laser head
Fiber laser head with automatic height adjustment
MQ FC6060 fiber metal laser cutter computer

Control panel with integrated computer

The MQ-FC6060 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Metal works in exactly the same logical way as our other fiber laser machines. This makes the machine easy to use and the operator can quickly learn how to work safely with the MetaQuip fiber laser metal laser cutters. The laser machine is controlled by the Cypcut program that runs on the built-in computer.

Perfect view from all sides!

The FC6060 Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine has a large (laser-safe) window at the front so that the workpiece can be clearly seen during processing. The FC6060 can also optionally be equipped with a large window on the side. Perfect for schools where you want to make the power of laser technology clearly visible to large groups of students.

MQ FC6060 fiber metal laser cutter view through window
Side window of the FC6060 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Metal (optional)
MQ FC6060 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Metal Back With Lubrication
Fully automatic lubrication

Fully automatic lubrication

The FC6060 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Metal is equipped with fully automatic lubrication, so that the guides are always well lubricated.

Material type and thickness that can be cut

Carbon steel, stainless steel (stainless steel), aluminum, titanium, galvanized steel, galvanized sheet, copper alloys and many other metals. The thickness of the metal to be cut depends on the laser power and the cutting gas used. A higher laser power is required for cutting aluminum or copper. Guidelines:

Metal cutting thickness guidelines
Metal laser cutting with the FC6060

Focus setting manually or automatically

MetaQuip has a choice of 2 types of laser cutting heads for the fiber laser cutting machine series:

  • Manual focus setting of the lens
  • Automatic focus setting of the lens

It is always possible, even at lower laser powers, to install an automatic focus laser head!

Both laser heads have the same automatic height sensor system that ensures that the laser follows the material perfectly during cutting, thus guaranteeing a stable focus height during the cutting process.

Manual focus setting

For lower laser power from 500 to 1kW a manual focus setting is available. The focus height should only be set after a change of metal type. With lower laser power, thin sheet metal is usually cut where a lower adjustment accuracy is required and therefore a manual focus adjustment can be used perfectly here.

Automatic focus setting

At higher laser powers, typically above 1kW, with which thicker metals are cut, MetaQuip delivers an automatic focus setting of the lens as standard. The range of the thickness of the materials to be cut is larger, so that changes in the focus setting have to be made more often. This means that the focus setting must not only be set after changing the metal type, but also between different material thicknesses. The automatic focus setting but the operation simpler and less error prone.

MQ FC6060 fiber metal laser cutter front door open
Easy to open sliding door

Digital alarm cutting gas flow sensors flow

Alarm at low oxygen and/or nitrogen pressure

MetaQuip supplies the FC6060 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Metal as standard equipped with digital flow sensors for the oxygen and nitrogen supply. The cutting gas sensors are fully integrated in the software. If the gas pressure is too low or if it fails, for example because the gas bottle is empty, you will receive a warning on the screen and the cutting process will be stopped. This prevents cutting damage to the workpiece and more importantly prevents any damage to the laser head.

Digitally adjustable flow of oxygen

The gas flow of oxygen is digitally adjustable. So that you can select exactly the right gas flow for specific materials. The gas flow has a direct influence on the cutting quality.

Help / Cutting gases

To laser cut metals, auxiliary gases are needed as shown above. MetaQuip does not supply auxiliary gases itself, but can advise you in this.

Laser cutting of metal - metal laser cutters

Air extraction and filtering

The metal fumes released when laser cutting metal are harmful to health. A good air extraction and filter installation is therefore necessary. MetaQuip can advise you and provide you with a suitable solution such as the BOFA AD2000 or AD4000. More about the company BOFA.

Complete delivered Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Metal

  • MQ-FC6060 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Metal with Remote Control and Integrated PC with Cypcut Laser Software
  • Industrial water cooler
  • Product & software manual (NL and EN)
MQ FC6060 fiber metal laser cutter front side closeup
FC6060 front

CE certification & laser safety

This Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Metal is a closed machine. Laser class 3R therefore safe for the operator at all times. The machine is CE certified and complies with the applicable machine guidelines. This machine is fully equipped with safety interlocks, with an approved emergency stop circuit and meets the applicable electrical safety requirements on all points.

Service & Support

MetaQuip offers extensive technical support in making the right machine selection, sorting out or optimizing settings for your
specific material or application. MetaQuip offers various service options and contracts depending on your specific wishes and requirements.

Metal laser cutting fiber cutters

Technical specifications

  • Laser Type: IPG or Raycus laser source
  • Laser wavelength: 1060nm
  • Laser Power:
    • 500W cutting up to 6mm (power <7KW)
    • 750W cutting up to 10mm (power <14KW)
    • 1kW cutting up to 10mm (power <18KW)
    • 1.5kW
    • 2.0kW
  • Work bed size: 560 x 560mm
  • Cutting speed: 0-30m / min (depending on material and thickness)
  • XYZ orientation precision: <+/- 0.05mm / m
  • XYZ repeat precision: <+/- 0.03mm / m
  • Minimum line width: <0.15mm
  • Side window: optional
  • Maximum travel speed: 120m / min
  • Maximum load working table: 500kg
  • Cooling: water cooling
  • Working environment: 0-35 ° C
  • Voltage requirements: 220VAC / single phase, 380VAC 3 phases, 50 or 60Hz
  • Closed machine for maximum laser safety
  • Control Software: Cypcut with CAD and CorelDraw support
  • Autofocus: also tracks uneven material with an accuracy of 10 micrometers
  • Door: certified (green) laser safety glass (inspection report available)
  • E-chain®: yes
  • Red pointer: placeholder
  • Integrated computer with laser software
  • Dutch or English language product & software manual
FC1390 fiber cutter-laser head

Want to get a quote, demonstration or your own material? 

You are most welcome to see if laser technology is a suitable solution for your metal cutting application or application. Bring your digital design or material with you to a demonstration and we can view the result on the spot. Of course you can also send it.

Delivery, installation & training

Inquire about the current stock. If the machine is not in stock, the delivery time is between 15-18 weeks. Faster is possible against additional costs (delivery time 6-9 weeks). This machine can be picked up (free) or delivered for a flat rate, installed on site and you will receive basic training on how to operate the machine.


2-year guarantee on the machine, 50-100,000 hours on the laser source (depending on the brand chosen and the conditions under which the machine is used).

More information

Product Leaflet Fiber Metal Cutter FC6060-EN.pdf


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