Open table model fiber laser engraving machine

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MetaQuip fiber laser engraving machines are often used for engraving metals. MetaQuip fiber lasers have a long life, are reliable and engrave metals, mirrors and a number of plastics quickly, with high precision and resolution. At one open table model fiber laser engraving machine you have maximum freedom to place and remove your workpiece quickly. Ideal for serial production. This laser class 4 machine is delivered completely complete.

  • Laser engraving of metals, mirrors and a number of plastics
  • Applications: serial numbers, logos, barcodes, images
  • Laser power: 20W, 30W or 50W
  • Work surface: 100 x 100mm and extra lens for 200 x 200mm
  • Focus level laser: quick and easy setting of the correct focal height without measuring
  • XY table: for precise positioning of objects
  • Including industrial air filter extraction (worth € 799), CE certified laser safety glasses (worth € 235) & integrated industrial computer with laser software (worth € 500)

For 200 EURO delivered to you, installed and included basic training.

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Description   |   CE & laser safety   |   Included as standard   |   Specifications   |   Delivery, installation & training   |   Guarantee

MetaQuip fiber lasers have a long life, are very reliable and engrave metals and a number of plastics quickly and with extremely high precision. The engraving result is more even and has much more detail compared to the same engraving with a conventional CO2 laser.
This fiber laser machine in the table model is an easy to move open fiber laser (laser class 4) that is delivered completely complete. The great advantage of an open model is that you have maximum freedom to place (also larger) workpieces easily and above all quickly and remove them after laser engraving. Ideal for engraving large production series.
The included XY table can be used to fix a stop on it and to align it accurately, so that every object is immediately right after placement. MetaQuip can help you to design and realize a tailor-made stop for your workpiece (s), so that each work piece is always well positioned.
The MetaQuip fiber laser are widely used for high-precision engraving of metal parts as well as mobile phones, jewelery, watches and many other applications. You can also engrave perfect images on metals and a number of plastics, where the engraving speed is up to 10 times faster than with a conventional CO2 laser. Most engravings are placed within a few seconds. This results in lower costs per engraving.

Laser power & work surface

MetaQuip supplies the open, table fiber laser engraving machines with laser powers of 20, 30 or 50 watts. With higher laser powers, you can set a deeper engraving in each engraving step. The open fiber laser engraving machine comes with two lenses, one that gives you a work surface of 100 x 100 mm and one for a work surface of 200 x 200 mm. With the larger work surface, the laser power is projected over a larger area, which reduces the laser power per unit area. We are happy to help you choose the right power and work surface for your application.

Fiber laser work surface


This open fiber laser consists of a table cabinet containing the laser source, full control and industrial computer. This is connected via an optical fiber to the fiber laser head placed on the tripod. With this tripod the correct focus length can be set (the distance between the lens and the workpiece). The laser software is already installed on the industrial computer.

In the laser head is an XY mirror that scans the surface with a high frequency. This XY mirror is completely sealed off from the outside world and is the only moving part in this machine. This guarantees the high reliability and long life of this machine.

High precision and resolution

Fiber lasers operate at a wavelength of 1064nm. This wavelength is perfectly suited for the engraving of (precious) metals, aluminum and stainless steel. The used wavelength of 1064nm is 10x smaller than the 10.6um of a CO2 laser. As a result, a fiber laser has a much smaller spot size than a CO2 laser, so that even the finest details can be engraved effortlessly with extremely high precision and resolution.

User-friendly software

MetaQuip fiber lasers are easy to operate. With the supplied software it is child's play to quickly engrave your workpiece. You can use this software to create a design yourself, enter text or import a vector design (logo) from other design packages such as Solidworks, Adobe Illustrator or other (vector) design programs. The software supports importing graphic image formats such as Coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop and AI, PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, SHX or TTF. This makes it easy to create an engraving of an image or photo. A Dutch manual is supplied with the laser software.

Maintenance free

Fiber lasers are as good as maintenance-free. In combination with the long lifespan and high engraving speed makes these machines very suitable for use in almost every working environment. When working with fiber lasers, toxic gases and small (metal) dust particles may be released depending on the material to be engraved. For health it is better not to breathe it. MetaQuip therefore supplies all its fiber lasers including industrial air extraction. In addition to preventing possible health problems, the extraction also prevents these (electrically conductive) dust particles from contaminating your fiber laser, which benefits the life of the machine.

Applications & materials

Fiber lasers are widely used in the manufacturing industry for marking parts or products. Easy placement of logos, type numbers, QR and bar codes. In addition, we see many applications in the creative industry, such as jewelers, but also for the personalization of business gifts or smartphones.

Materials that can be engraved with a fiber laser are all metals (such as stainless steel, iron, steel, metal, silver, gold, titanium etc.) but also a number of plastics (such as ABS), mirrors and natural stone (slate, marble, granite). Go to the complete bill of materials ...

Do you want to know if a fiber laser is suitable for engraving your material? With some simple tests we can quickly determine together what the best possible result is.

Open table model fiber laser engraving machine


Open table model fiber laser engraving machine


Open table model fiber laser engraving machine


Open table model fiber laser engraving machine


Include fiber laser in your production line?

In collaboration with MetaQuip's process development partner, we have adapted the fiber laser controller and software in such a way that MetaQuip's fiber lasers can be easily integrated into a production line. This makes it possible, for example, to make your products completely traceable by providing them in the line with unique barcodes that are engraved in them. Automatic product supply and removal and fully automatic control and remote error message feedback.

Air extraction and filtering

MetaQuip fiber lasers are supplied as standard with an industrial air filter, so that (metal) dust, vapor and gas are immediately extracted and cleaned. Use of good air extraction is recommended at all times! These air filters comply with the set guidelines.

Quotation, Demonstration or test your own material?

Also available with a MOPA laser source for engraving colors

MetaQuip fiber lasers can also be supplied with a MOPA source. A MOPA flag is slightly more difficult to set up but has the following advantages:

  • Reproducible colors engrave on stainless steel including real white and black.
  • Surface is easier to clean. A MOPA mark laser does not roughen the surface like a fiber laser.
  • Mark black laser on aluminum plates.
  • Laser marking on plastics with greater contrast.

More about MOPA highlight lasers.

MOPA highlight laser

CE certification & laser safety

The open fiber lasers are class 4 laser devices. This means that in principle the operator and everyone in the same room is exposed to high power laser light. This requires extra protective measures, such as mandatory wearing of certified laser safety goggles to protect the eyes. MetaQuip exclusively supplies laser safety eyewear from reputable brands that meet European safety standards in all areas. This does not exclude, however, that no one can be exposed to laser light. To this end, additional laser safety measures must be taken for the environment in which the open fiber laser is placed. There is a connection to our open fiber lasers for interfacing with external safety systems. Open fiber lasers do not, by definition, comply with CE machine guidelines without these additional safety measures. MetaQuip can advise and support you in the implementation of required additional laser safety measures.

Included as standard

This machine is delivered completely complete as standard. Delivery consists of the following parts:

  • Machine consisting of table with tripod and high quality fiber head.
    Maximum Z-height setting: 800mm.
  • Focus level laser: quick and easy setting of the correct focal height without measuring
  • XY table: for precise positioning of (also heavier) workpieces
  • Lens for work surface of 100 x 100 mm and a lens for a work surface of 200 x 200 mm (optional lenses for other work surfaces available)
  • Integrated computer with laser software installed
  • Laser safety glasses suitable for class 4 fiber laser
  • Industrial air extraction
  • Dutch-language product & software manual
  • Delivery, installation and (basic) training


  • Rotation module: for engraving round objects
  • 300 x 300 mm lens: for a work surface up to 300 x 300 mm
  • Motorized focus distance setting (Z-height): With the press of a button the laser head moves up and down, so that together with the focal height laser the correct focal height is very simple and quick to set
  • Extra laser safety glasses: to protect the eyes of other people in the same room

Technical specifications

  • Working area: 100 x 100mm or 200 x 200 with supplied extra lens. Optionally, the working area can be reduced or enlarged (up to 300 x 300 mm)
  • Laser type: pulsed, high-energy Raycus laser
  • Wavelength laser: 1064 nm
  • Emergency stop switch: yes
  • Key on / off switch: yes
  • Repeat frequency: 20-100 kHz
  • Laser power: 20 Watt, 30 Watt & 50 Watt
  • Laser output power: 0-100%
  • Minimum spot diameter: 0.01 mm
  • Minimum line width: 0.01 mm
  • Linear marking speed: 0-12000 mm / s
  • Character engraving speed:> 800 characters / sec
  • Repeatability +/- 0.001 mm
  • Marking depth: 0.01 - 1 mm
  • Cooling: air cooling
  • Supply voltage: 230 Vac +/- 10%, 50-60 Hz
  • Machine Power: <500 W
  • Work table: Industrial XY work table & Z (0-800 mm) setting
  • Dimensions [W x D x H]: 60 x 75 x 140 cm
  • Enclosure: open table model, with integrated control, laser source, PC and screen (connection for foot pedal and extra IO ports)
  • Working temperature: 13-28 degrees Celsius
  • Ambient temperature: -40-70 degrees Celsius
  • Dutch-language product manual
  • Software: EzCad user-friendly software
    • Supported fonts: TrueType, SHX, JSF (Single line font), DMF (Dot Matrix Font), One-dimensional bar code, Two-dimensional bar code, etc.
    • Flexible variable text: changes the text in real time (such as numbering) while the laser is engraving. Link with Microsoft Excel files.
    • Direct reading of data via the serial port, and text data via the network
    • Draw simple figures and curves
    • Pictures formats: bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png, tif ...
    • Vector formats: ai, dxf, dst, plt ...
    • Simple IO operations to connect external equipment.
    • Dutch-language software manual
  • Laser safety glasses (more information or order extra glasses ...)
    • Optical Density:> 5 over the entire range
    • Optical Density:> 6 from 950 to 1070nm
    • CE certification: EN207 marking: 840-950 DIRM L5, 950-1070DM L5, IR L7 & 1070-1090 DIRM L5.
    • Visible light transmittance: 50%
  • Industrial air filter extraction: complies with ISO 15012-4: 2016

Delivery, installation & training

Inquire about the current stock. If this machine is not in stock the delivery time is between 11-13 weeks. Faster is possible at additional costs (delivery time 6-9 weeks). This machine can be picked up (free) or delivered for a fixed rate, installed on location and you get basic training how to work with the machine.


2 year guarantee on the machine, 50,000 hours on the laser source (expected lifetime 50,000 to 100,000 hours, depending on the conditions under which the machine is used).

More information

Product Leaflet Fiber Tafel-NL.pdf
Product Leaflet Fiber Table-EN.pdf

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