High-Speed CO2 Galvo Laser Engraving Machine

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A High-Speed CO2 Galvo Laser Engraving Machine is up and running high speed, serial, to engrave on a large number of materials. These machines use a CO2 laser source and are not suitable for engraving metals (see MetaQuip's for this 1064nm fiber lasers). This laser class 4 machine is delivered completely complete.

  • Laser engraving of wood, textiles, leather, ceramics, glass, rubber, plastic, ...
  • Applications: logos, barcodes, texts, images, patterns
  • High resolution and precision
  • Laser power: 30W, 40W or 60W
  • Long service life due to lack of moving parts and use of a metal laser tube
  • Work surface: 150 x 150mm
  • Focus level laser: quick and easy setting of the correct focal height without measuring
  • XY table: for precise positioning of objects
  • Includes industrial air filter extraction, laser safety goggles and integrated industrial computer with laser software

Prices are based on A brand laser tubes, these machines can also be supplied with cheaper laser tubes. Inquire about the possibilities.
For 200 EURO delivered to you, installed and included basic training.

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High-Speed CO2 Galvo Laser Engraving Machine 

MetaQuip High-Speed CO2 galvo laser engraving machines have a long life, are very reliable and engrave a large number of materials with great precision. The big advantage of a CO2 galvo engraving machine is that the engraving time is short. This CO2 galvo laser engraving machine is available as an open table model that is delivered completely complete. The great advantage of an open model is that you have maximum freedom to easily and quickly place workpieces and remove them after laser engraving. Ideal for engraving large production series.

Engrave 5x faster than a standard CO2 laser machine

With a standard CO2 laser machine the head moves over the material. This is relatively slow, especially when engraving that is made up of very thin lines. An engraving with a standard CO2 laser machine can take roughly 5-25 minutes depending on the surface to be engraved.
With a CO2 galvo, the laser source is deflected with the aid of a moving XY mirror, without moving parts. As a result, high-speed CO2 galvo engraving machines have a longer life, but most importantly: a much shorter engraving time per engraving. Think of a 1-5 minutes per engraving. That is about 5 times as fast as a standard CO2 laser.

Laser power & work surface

MetaQuip supplies high-speed CO2 galvo laser engraving machines with laser powers of 30, 40 or 60 Watt. Sufficient power for almost all CO2 engraving applications imaginable. With higher laser powers you can set a deeper engraving per engraving step. This machine comes with a lens that allows you a working surface of 150 x 150mm. With the larger working surface, the laser power is projected over a larger area, so that the laser power per surface unit is lower. We are happy to help you choose the right power and work surface for your application.

XY table

The included XY table can be used to fix a stop on it and to align it accurately, so that every object is immediately right after placement. MetaQuip can help you to design and realize a tailor-made stop for your workpiece (s), so that each work piece is always well positioned.


This high-speed CO2 galvo laser engraving machine consists of a table cabinet with full control and industrial computer. It controls the metal CO2 laser tube just before the laser head placed on the tripod. With this tripod the correct focus length can be set (the distance between the lens and the workpiece). The laser software is already installed on the included industrial computer.

In the laser head is an XY mirror that scans the surface with a high frequency. This XY mirror is completely sealed off from the outside world and is the only moving part in this machine. This guarantees the high reliability and long life of this machine.

High quality metal tube

High-speed CO2 galvo engraving machines use a metal tube. This is more expensive to purchase but has a number of advantages. For example, a metal tube has a much longer life, but it also has a smaller spot size compared to a glass tube. This allows the engravings to be tightened with more detail and precision.


Maintenance free

These machines are as good as maintenance-free. In combination with the long lifespan and high engraving speed makes these machines very suitable for use in almost every working environment. When working with laser machines, toxic gases and small dust particles may be released depending on the material to be engraved. For health it is better not to breathe it. MetaQuip therefore already supplies its CO2 galvo laser engraving machines including industrial air extraction. In addition to preventing possible health problems, the extraction also prevents these dust particles from contaminating your fiber laser, which benefits the life of the machine.

CO2 galvo laser engraving machine

Easy to use laser software

Preparing a laser assignment is done via the included laser software. You send digital designs to the laser machine and you can control the laser machine. With this software you can work in multiple layers with separate settings in each layer, so that combined jobs with multiple engraving or cutting operations can be carried out. This software is suitable for Windows, MAC OSX and Linux and available in multiple languages including Dutch, English, French, and so on. In the included Dutch manual you will find extensive information on how to operate the laser software and controller.

Laserworks laser software

Applications & materials

A high-speed CO2 galvo laser engraving machine can be used for engraving non-metals in a large number of engraving applications, such as:

  • Textiles and clothing. Repaint patterns, logos and text permanently on denim.
  • Plastics & pharmaceutical packaging.
  • Glasses, wooden (wine) packaging & parts and other business gifts.
  • Ceramics, rubber products, nameplates.
  • Electronic components.
  • Belts, shoes, clothing.
  • ...

Materials that can be engraved with a galvo CO2 laser are all materials that can be processed with a CO2 laser, such as wood, leather, textile, glass, plastics (large number of non-metals). For a complete overview, go to the bill of materials ...

Do you want to know if a galvo CO2 engraving machine is suitable for engraving your material? With some simple tests we can quickly determine together what the best possible result is. The engraving on standard denim fabric below is placed in about 5-10 seconds.

denim laser engraving

Want to get a quote, demonstration or your own material? 

Laser safety and CE certification

The open CO2 galvo lasers are class 4 laser devices. This means that in principle the operator and everyone in the same room is exposed to high power laser light.

For this additional protection measures must be taken, such as mandatory wearing of certified laser safety goggles to protect the eyes. MetaQuip only supplies laser safety glasses from renowned brands that meet European safety standards in all areas. However, this does not exclude that no one can be exposed to laser light. To this end, additional laser safety measures must also be taken for the environment in which the laser machine is placed.

Open laser machines by definition do not comply with the CE machine guidelines without these extra safety measures. MetaQuip can advise and support you in the implementation of additional laser safety measures required.

More about laser safety & CE certification ...

Include CO2 galvo laser engraving machine in your production line?

In collaboration with MetaQuip's process development partner, we have adapted the machine and software in such a way that MetaQuip's CO2 galvo engraving machines can be easily integrated into a production line. This makes it possible, for example, to put your engraving machine in a production line in which the products or parts offered via a conveyor belt are engraved fully automatically. Automatic product supply and removal and fully automatic remote control and error message feedback.

Air extraction and filtering

MetaQuip high-speed CO2 galvo machines are supplied as standard with an industrial air filter, so that dust, vapor and gas are immediately extracted and cleaned. Use of good air extraction is recommended at all times! These air filters comply with the set guidelines.

Included as standard

This machine is delivered completely complete as standard. Delivery consists of the following parts:

  • Machine consisting of table with tripod and high quality laser head and metal laser tube.
    Maximum Z-height setting: 800mm.
  • Laser focus height: quick and easy adjustment of the correct focus height without measuring
  • XY table: for precise positioning of (also heavier) workpieces
  • Lens for work surface of 150 x 150mm. Optionally also other lenses available for larger (up to 300 x 300mm) or smaller engraving dimensions
  • Integrated computer with laser software installed
  • Laser safety glasses suitable for class 4 fiber laser
  • Industrial air extraction
  • Dutch-language product & software manual
  • Delivery, installation and (basic) training


  • Rotation module: for engraving round objects
  • Motorized focus distance adjustment (Z-height): With the push of a button, the laser head moves up and down, so that the correct focus height can be adjusted quickly and easily, together with the laser focus height.
  • Custom lenses for enlarging or reducing the work area
  • Extra laser safety glasses: to protect the eyes of other people in the same room

Technical specifications

  • Working area: 150 x 150mm. Optionally, the working area can be reduced or enlarged (up to 300 x 300 mm)
  • Laser type: CO2 laser source
  • Wavelength laser: 10.7 um
  • Emergency stop switch: yes
  • Key on / off switch: yes
  • Repeat frequency: <20kHz
  • Laser power: 30 Watt, 40 Watt & 60 Watt
  • Laser output power: 0-100%
  • Minimum line width: 0.1 mm
  • Linear marking speed: 0-7000 mm / s
  • Repeatability: <+/- 0.01 mm
  • Mark depth: <0.3 mm
  • Cooling: 20, 30 and 40W air cooling, 60W water cooling
  • Supply voltage: 230 Vac +/- 10%, 50-60 Hz
  • Machine Power: <1000 W
  • Work table: Industrial XY work table & Z (0-800 mm) setting
  • Dimensions [W x D x H]: 60 x 75 x 140 cm
  • Enclosure: open table model, with integrated control, laser source, PC and screen (connection for foot pedal and extra IO ports)
  • Working temperature: 13-28 degrees Celsius
  • Ambient temperature: -40-70 degrees Celsius
  • Dutch-language product manual

Software: EzCad user-friendly software

  • Supported fonts: TrueType, SHX, JSF (Single line font), DMF (Dot Matrix Font), One-dimensional bar code, Two-dimensional bar code, etc.
  • Flexible variable text: changes the text in real time (such as numbering) while the laser is engraving. Link with Microsoft Excel files.
  • Direct reading of data via the serial port, and text data via the network
  • Draw simple figures and curves
  • Pictures formats: bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png, tif ...
  • Vector formats: ai, dxf, dst, plt ...
  • Simple IO operations to connect external equipment.
  • Dutch-language software manual

Industrial air filter extraction: complies with ISO 15012-4: 2016


Delivery, installation & training

If this machine is not in stock, the delivery time is normally between 6-9 weeks. Inquire about the current stock. Faster is possible at additional costs. This machine can be picked up (free) or delivered for a fixed rate, installed on location and you get basic training how to work with the machine. MetaQuip can also provide more extensive training.


2 year warranty on the machine, 15,000 hours on the laser source (expected life 15,000 to 20,000 hours, depending on the conditions under which the machine is used).

More information

Product Leaflet CO2 Galvo-NL.pdf
Product Leaflet CO2 Galvo-EN.pdf

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