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Production CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraving Machine


Discover the power of the MetaQuip CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraving Machine from the production series! These robust and reliable, high-quality CO2 laser machines are specially designed for engraving and cutting organic materials such as wood, leather, foam and plastic. Ideal for companies, organizations and schools that need to be able to rely on their laser machine every day. With a variety of sizes and laser powers available, these laser class 1 machines give you complete peace of mind and safety with every use. Choose the ultimate laser experience with the MetaQuip CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraving Machine!

Also available with metal RF laser tube for long life and ultimate spot quality for high resolution engraving work.

  • Laser engraving from wood, leather, cardboard, glass and plastics
  • Laser cutting made of wood, leather, textiles and plastics
  • Easy to operate
  • Automatic focus height adjustment for quick material changes
  • Work surface 600 x 400 mm, 1000 x 600 mm, 1300 x 900 mm or 1500 x 900 mm
  • Laser powers from 60-150W
  • Expansion option for rotation module, SenseTouch height sensor, servo motors etc.
  • Made for professional use and production applications.

    Easily set the correct focus height fully automatically. More information...

    For laying flat flexible materials and cutting small parts. 

    Industrial air filters to extract the gases, dust and odor released by laser processing from the air. More information about industrial air filters ...

    More information about our service contracts...

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CO2 laser machine production - valve open
Production CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraving Machine

Made for the professionals, designed for perfection.

The CO2 laser cutters and engraving machines from our production series are designed for professional and intensive use. With their robust construction and high-quality components, you can be sure that these machines will deliver the desired results time after time. With the handy automatic height adjustment and built-in height sensor in the laser head, focusing your material is a piece of cake and you can concentrate on realizing your ideas. Efficiency and ease of use go hand in hand with these powerful machines.

Laser Cutting & Laser Engraving

Laser cutting and laser engraving are ideal processes for processing various materials. Depending on the material, edges are immediately finished without further finishing. Laser treatment is clean and can be used extremely flexibly.

The material is melted or evaporated using the infrared laser, allowing you to cut (at high laser power) or engrave (at low laser power). During engraving, the laser vaporizes the top layer, which causes a change in the surface structure. These laser machines are perfectly suited for companies and organizations that are looking for a reliable and affordable solution for their cutting and engraving activities.

From small to large: Perfect cutting and engraving solutions for professional work

Solutions for every industrial application

MetaQuip's Production CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraving Machine are the ideal solution for companies looking for a reliable, industrial machine for serial cutting and engraving of small to large objects up to a thickness of 15mm. With laser powers ranging from 60 to 150W and the robust design you can be sure that every product in the series is produced with the same precision and quality. Choose MetaQuip's Production CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraving Machine and increase your productivity and efficiency in your production process!


  • Motors: stepper motor or servo
  • Laser Power: 60-150W and above
  • Laser tube type: glass tube or metal
Production CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraving Machine series
CO2 laser machine production - front cover open
Work surface of CO2 laser machine

Choose the perfect work surface for your project

Discover the versatility of our Production CO2 Laser machines, which are available in a variety of sizes and are designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to process large sheet materials or work on smaller workpieces, we have the right dimensions for you. Choose from our standard work beds and get the precision and reliability you need for your projects. By default, MetaQuip delivers:

  • 60 x 40cm
  • 100 x 60cm
  • 130 x 90cm
  • 150 x 90cm
  • Other formats on request. Inquire about the possibilities

MetaQuip also supplies larger bed sizes for larger workpieces. View our CO2 portal lasers for larger bed sizes.

Extremely rigid guides

MetaQuip's CO2 Production machines use extremely rigid guides that offer numerous advantages. Due to their stability and reduced vibrations and deformations during the machining process, these guides ensure high precision when machining workpieces. This makes it possible to perform complex operations with a high degree of precision and quality.

Another great advantage of these rigid guides is their durability and reliability. They can withstand heavy loads and wear, resulting in less maintenance and lower long-term maintenance costs.

With rigid guides in the MetaQuip CO2 Production machines you are assured of optimal performance and productivity. They enable you to produce high-quality products with a high degree of precision and reliability, ultimately saving you time and money.

CO2 laser machine production - guides
Production CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraving Machine - user interface

User-friendly controls for optimum productivity

The advanced controller on the Production CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraving Machine is the solution for those looking for a laser machine with advanced functions. With the fully graphical display you can easily prepare laser jobs and graphically monitor the progress during cutting or engraving. This makes working with the machine very intuitive and user-friendly, so that both beginners and advanced users can get started effortlessly. Thanks to this deluxe controller, you can achieve high-quality results quickly and efficiently.

Boost your efficiency with our motorized workbed

With the motorized work bed height adjustment in the Production CO2 Laser machines, adjusting the height of the work bed is a piece of cake. At the touch of a button you can raise or lower the work bed, making switching between different materials and thicknesses effortless. This not only saves you time, but also increases the productivity of your company. The motorized work bed height adjustment is a standard feature on our laser cutters and engraving machines and ensures that you can achieve high-quality results with the greatest of ease.

Production CO2 laser engraving and laser cutting machine laser head
Height-adjustable motorized work bed

Sharp and precise cutting with automatic focus adjustment

A laser machine must be perfectly in focus to work optimally. This means that the distance between the laser head and the material must remain constant, even when changing material with different thicknesses. This happens regularly in practice.

Our production series CO2 laser cutters and engraving machines are equipped with fully automatic focus adjustment. At the touch of a button, the laser head is perfectly focused after every material change. This saves time and prevents errors, so that you can continue to produce without any worries.

Standard Autofocus sensor
SenseTouch autofocus sensor

Effortless setup with SenseTouch autofocus – optional

Discover the latest innovation from MetaQuip: the SenseTouch Autofocus sensor. This smart sensor is fully integrated in the laser head and ensures that your workpiece is never damaged during lasering. In addition, the SenseTouch is self-cleaning, which means that it will always function perfectly without you having to worry about cleaning it. This solution works with all materials, including non-reflective materials.

Want to get a quote, demonstration or your own material? 

Discover the power of the Production CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraving Machine through a personal demonstration. Bring your own materials and designs and see for yourself the amazing cutting and engraving results of this advanced CO2 laser in action. Make an appointment today and discover what this machine can do for your company.

Applications of CO2 laser technology

Laser machines have a wide range of applications, such as cutting, engraving and marking of various materials such as wood, metal, plastic and textiles. They are widely used in industry, crafts, advertising, art and design, and are indispensable for creating accurate and detailed products. With a laser machine you can take your creativity and productivity to the next level and discover new possibilities for making unique and high-quality products.

Laser engraving

The CO2 laser machines from our production series are specially designed to be able to laser engrave a wide range of materials. For example, you can use these machines to engrave wood, leather, textiles, glass, mirrors, and various types of metal and plastics. It is also possible to engrave anodized or painted materials with our CO2 laser machines. This makes these machines very suitable for various applications, such as personalizing gifts and business gifts, engraving logos and designs on products, and creating unique and personalized decoration items.

Laser cutting

The production CO2 laser machines are designed to perform heavier cutting tasks very efficiently and accurately. Using the latest technologies, these machines can cut materials up to 15mm thick with extreme precision and speed. This makes them ideal for a wide range of applications, including fabrics, wood, leather, textiles and various types of plastics such as acrylic. Whether cutting patterns for clothing, furniture or creating beautiful works of art, the CO2 laser machines offer the ability to turn your ideas into reality with unparalleled accuracy and speed.

Laser PowerAcrylate / PlexiglassTextile / LeatherWoodMarble
60W8-10 mmBest results optimal speed & power4-8 mmToo little power
80W10 mmBest results optimal speed & power6-10 mmToo little power
100W12-15 mmCan be used but not optimal8-12 mmEngraving possible
130W15 mmCan be used but not optimal10-15 mmEngraving possible
View more applications
Laser engraving natural wood
Example of laser engraving on wood
Plastic laser cutting
Laser cutting of plexiglass

Easy to use laser software

The laser software that comes with the MetaQuip laser machines allows you to easily send digital designs to the machine and accurately control the laser operations. With the ability to work in multiple layers and use different settings, you can perform complex laser operations with ease. And with the availability of the software on Windows, MAC OSX and Linux, and a user-friendly manual (Dutch, English, German, French), preparing your laser job has never been easier!

Laserworks laser software

Laser cutting - draw or import yourself

For laser cutting use is made of cutting drawings in vector format. In the laser software you can create a simple design yourself or import a vector file. These vector files come standard from more graphic programs such as Adobe Illustrator (ai format) or more technical programs such as AutoCAD or Fusion360.

Quickly convert raster images to vector cutting files

With the laser software it is very easy to convert black and white (raster) images into vector files so that they can then immediately be used to cut them out.

Laser engraving - importing images

The laser software also allows you to import images for laser engraving. MetaQuip often also uses PhotoGrav software for more complex images, so that the conversion of images always runs perfectly without further pre- or post-processing. The laser software supports the following formats:

  • .bmp
  • .jpg
  • .jpeg
  • .png
  • .gif
  • .tga

Direct import of pdf-vector files

The following vector formats are supported by the laser software:

  • .ai - Adobe Illustrator. The industry standard for vector signs.
  • .pdf - Portable Document Format. Standardized exchange of files.
  • .dxf - Drawing Exchange Format. Standardized export format of most mechanical design software
  • .svg - Scalable Vector Graphics. Format that is rapidly emerging and where a lot of open source software is available.

In addition, the following less commonly used vector files are also supported such as .hpgl, .plt, .rd

Laser safety and CE certification

MetaQuip closed CO2 laser machines are laser class 1 products: safe under all circumstances. This is measured and recorded in measurement reports drawn up by an independent laser safety authority. A higher laser class is less safe!

Class 4 machines may only be used if extra protection and laser goggles are used. These types of machines work with high power invisible laser light which can cause burns, eye damage and even blindness for the operator of the machine, but also for bystanders.

Take laser safety and CE certification seriously when purchasing this type of laser machine and request laser safety reports and technical construction files from your laser machine supplier! 

The safety of our customers is our highest priority. That is why our CO2 production laser machines comply with all applicable CE machine guidelines and laser safety standards. Our machines are classified as class 1 laser devices, which means that no one can be exposed to laser radiation in normal use. In the unlikely event that the machine is opened, all lasers will immediately switch off and the current laser job will be interrupted. This way you can always get started with peace of mind. Safety is our top priority.

More about CE certification and laser safety
Production CO2 laser engraving and laser cutting machine laser tube close-up
Glass laser tube

Included as standard

The MetaQuip production series comes with a industrial air extraction to remove vapor and dust that is released during laser welding. Air compressor which ensures that lens and laser head stays clean as long as possible and industrial water cooler which ensures that the laser tube remains cooled during the laser process. The only thing you have to take care of is a place for the machine, 230VAC socket and an air exhaust duct (100mm). 

Laser machine

CO2 laser machine for laser cutting and/or laser engraving of organic materials.

CO2 laser machine production

Industrial water cooler

The laser tube is actively cooled by means of a closed system with a water cooler.

Industrial water cooler

Air compressor

By means of an air-assist compressor system, overpressure is created at the lens, resulting in less dirty lenses

Exhaust fan

For a quick discharge of laser fumes, MetaQuip supplies an exhaust fan for which a direct air discharge to the outside is required with a diameter of 100-150mm. If this is not possible, we recommend an industrial air filter.

Laser software

The laser software supports the creation of simple designs, but also the import of vector files and images.

Compatible with Windows, MAC OSX and Linux.

Product manual

Product manual and software manual. You also get access to the MetaQuip support website (NL, EN)

Manuals are available in different languages.

Complete it: Choose from our optional upgrades and accessories

Personalize your machine with our optional features and accessories. This way you can adapt the machine to your specific wishes and needs. Choose from a wide range of available options to get the most out of your purchase and increase your productivity.

Air filters for laser machines

Depending on the material you are processing, harmful substances and gases can be released during the laser process. In addition, there are a number of materials that cause serious odor nuisance and it is not always possible to realize an air discharge to the outside. In those cases it is possible to use an industrial air filter. These remove harmful gases, substances and odors from the air. The filtered air is then blown back into the room. MetaQuip is an official dealer of BOFA air filters, the best machines in their class.

Service contract

MetaQuip provides various service contracts so that you can be operational again within an agreed time in the event of a problem. In addition, MetaQuip also offers the possibility to do the maintenance of your laser machine. 

Laser engraving software

In order to always get good engravings, photos and pictures need to be converted to an on / off pattern with which the laser can handle. This is also dependent on the material used. In the supplied laser software there are a number of simple features, however, when you start engraving more often, the use of a program like PhotoGrav is recommended. With PhotoGrav you have perfect engraving every time. 

Rotation Module

Engrave or mark cylindrical objects (bottles, glasses, tubes) with the optional rotary table. The rotary table rotates automatically. 

Installation and training

MetaQuip can install your machine for you and give you basic training. To do this, choose the installation and training option in the additional order options.

Laptop with pre-installed laser software

It is possible to order a laptop with installed laser software with this CO2 laser machine, so that you can be sure that everything is working properly.

Servo motors

If you want to cut many curved objects from plastic such as acrylic, it may be interesting to replace the standard stepper motors with servo motors. When cutting curves with a servo motor, the edge is smoother and slightly smoother than with a stepper motor. This effect is not visible with other materials such as wood and leather. MetaQuip offers the servo motor option from the MQ1060.  

Vision camera system

The PRODUCTION series can also be expanded with a vision camera system. This can recognize patterns and then make a cut out at that location. Consider, for example, embroidered labels that need to be cut free. The laser recognizes the embroidery and then fully automatically cuts the label.

Metal laser tube - Long life, ultimate spot quality

MetaQuip MQ1060 Production CO2 laser machine is also available with a metal tube instead of a standard glass CO2 laser tube. The big advantage is that due to the aluminum construction there is a much better thermal heat management, which means that the lifespan is much longer than with a glass tube. On average, this is approximately 4-6 years of continuous use before replacement is required.

A metal tube has a better spot quality because it can be pulsed with a higher frequency giving a superior grid quality that is particularly reflected in detailed engraving. In addition, a metal tube is less vulnerable than a glass laser tube.

Honeycomb bed

The CO2 production series comes standard with a knife bed on which the material to be cut or engraved is placed. It is also possible to supply a honeycomb. A honeycomb bed supports the material better, this is especially useful when you cut flexible materials such as fabrics or regularly make small objects. These small objects remain on the honeycomb bed after cutting.

SenseTouch autofocus sensor

With the SenseTouch autofocus sensor, you can set the focus height fully automatically without touching the material. After setting the focus height, the SenseTouch sensor can never touch the material.

Technical specifications

  • Working area: 600x400mm 1000x600mm 1300x90mm 1500x900mm
  • Laser Type: Glass Sealed-off CO, laser tube, wavelength 10.6 um
  • Laser Power: 60W (on request), 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W
  • Laser Tube Cooling: Water Cooling with demi water
  • Laser output power: 0-100%
  • Engraving speed: 0-1200mm / s
  • Cutting speed: 0-600mm / s
  • Working voltage: AC230V / 110V +/- 10%, 50-60Hz
  • Position accuracy: +/- 0.01mm
  • Minimal Character size: 1mm
  • Machine Power: <1500W
  • Motorized Up-Down Table: High precision electric spindle 250mm
  • Work environment: Temperature 5-45 degrees Celsius, Humidity 5-95%
  • Control software: Laser software Windows, MAC OSx, Linux (Laserworks on request)
  • Supported Formats: vector: ai, pdf, dxf, svg, hpgl, plt, rd
  • Raster image: bmp, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, tga
  • Weight (approx.):
    • MQ6040: 100kg
    • MQ1060: 120kg
    • MQ1390: 300kg
    • MQ1590: 320kg
  • Dimensions [L x W x H]:
    • MQ6040: 107 x 91 x 103 cm (the laser tube protrudes another 35 cm from the side)
    • MQ1060 (60-80W): 147 x 112 x 104 cm (with 100W the laser tube protrudes 15 cm on the side, with the 130W this is 35 cm)
    • MQ1390 (80-100W): 177 x 142 x 104 cm (at 130W the laser tube protrudes 15 cm at the side, at 150W this is 35 cm)
    • MQ1590 (80-100-130W): 198 x 142 x 104 cm (at 150W the laser tube protrudes 30 cm from the side)


2 years on the laser machine and 9 months on the laser tube and accessories (such as mirrors, lens, air fan and air compressor).  

More about laser tubes


The MetaQuip Support website offers extensive instructions for installation and maintenance of your CO2 laser machine. See also the installation information for general guidelines.

Production CO2 laser engraving and laser cutting machine laserbuix

Delivery time

The availability of our machines varies, but we generally keep the most common models in stock. If a certain machine is not in stock, the delivery time is usually 8-12 weeks. We advise you to contact us for the latest information on stock status. In certain cases, faster delivery is possible at an additional cost.

Delivery, installation and training

Our machines can be delivered in two ways. First of all, we offer the possibility to collect the machine from our warehouse free of charge. This can be useful if, for example, you live nearby and have the appropriate means to transport the machine. We also offer the option to have the machine delivered and installed at a fixed rate. In this way we take care of the logistics and ensure that the machine is installed at the desired location.

At MetaQuip we deliver your CO2 laser machine as standard on the ground floor without stairs and doorways through which the machine can pass on its wheels. The delivery costs depend on the distance and accessibility of the delivery location. But we offer more than just delivery and installation! Would you like to get everything out of your new laser machine? Then we provide on-site product training based on your specific wishes. This way you get the most out of your purchase!

CO2 production laser cutter
Production CO2 Laser Cutter & Engraving Machine – CO2 Laser Machine

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