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The MetaQuip CO2 laser machine PRODUCTION series are high-quality production machines. The MetaQuip PRODUCTION series are available with increasing work surfaces and laser powers and are perfectly suited for production organizations and companies. Reliable, affordable, quality machines. A number of machines are also available with Metal RF laser tube for long life and ultimate spot quality for high resolution engraving.

  • Laser engraving from wood, leather, cardboard, glass and plastics
  • Laser cutting from thin (up to 3-5mm) wood, leather, textiles and plastics
  • Easy to operate
  • Automatic focus height adjustment for fast material change
  • Work surface 600 x 400 mm, 1000 x 600 mm, 1300 x 900 mm or 1500 x 900 mm
  • Laser powers of 60-150W
  • Extension possibility for rotation module
  • Suitable for professional use
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    For laying flat flexible materials and cutting small parts. 

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    Industrial air filters to extract the gases, dust and odor released by laser processing from the air. More information about industrial air filters ...

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    More information about our service contracts ...

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CO2 laser machine Production series - Laser cutter & laser engraving machine

The CO2 laser machines PRODUCTION series are high-quality and robust machines and are perfectly suited for industrial production. The work surface can be automatically raised and lowered with the press of a button. With the built-in height sensor in the laser head, the machine can fully automatically focus itself, so no more manual work. Laser cutting or laser engraving is an ideal process for processing a large number of materials. The infrared laser melts or evaporates the material, allowing you to cut (high laser power) or engrave (low laser power). During the engraving, the laser will evaporate the top layer, causing the surface structure to change. The CO2 laser machines PRODUCTION series are supplied with a heavy industrial air extractor and have the possibility for expansion with a rotation module. The PRODUCTION series are suitable for companies looking for a reliable, affordable machine.

Professional cutting and engraving from small to large

The CO2 laser machines PRODUCTION series are ideal for professional, serial use of serial cut and engraving of small to large objects for thicknesses up to 15mm. Laser powers range from 60 to 150W. The robust design ensures that the last product in the series looks exactly like the first product. The cutting and engraving speed is comparable to the PRODUCTION series CO2 laser machines.

Work surface

The CO2 laser machines PRODUCTION series have a working surface of 60 x 40 cm, 100 x 60 cm, 130 x 90 cm or 150 x 90 cm. The machine comes standard with a knife bed on which the material to be cut or engraved is placed, but the CO2 laser machines PRODUCTION series can also be supplied with a honeycomb bed as an option. A honeycomb bed supports the material better, this is especially useful when you cut flexible materials such as fabrics or regularly make small objects. These small objects remain on the honeycomb bed after cutting.

Automatic work bed height setting

The CO2 laser machines PRODUCTION series are standard equipped with a full automatic work bed height setting. This makes it possible to move the work bed up and down with the press of a button. The height sensor on the laser head detects the distance from the laser head to the workpiece after which it automatically adjusts to the correct focal height. This has the advantage that after changing material with a different thickness the machine automatically adjusts itself. No more manual adjustment and always the right focus height. Especially when working with different material thicknesses on a regular basis, this is a very useful and time-saving function.  

Easy operation

The used controller on the CO2 laser machines PRODUCTION series is the same as with the other CO2 laser machines. On the fully graphic display you can easily prepare a laser job and follow the progress graphically during cutting or engraving. This controller has a very good error handling which makes the machine easy to use for (non-technical) beginners, but also for advanced users.

MQ1060 laser tube

Laser engraving

The CO2 laser machines PRODUCTION series are perfectly suited for laser engraving of a large number of materials, such as wood, leather, textile, glass, mirror and anodised or painted materials of metal and a large number of plastics.

Laser cutting

The CO2 laser machines PRODUCTION series are also very suitable for heavier carving (up to 15mm thickness) of fabrics, wood leather, textiles and a large number of plastics such as acrylate.

Laser PowerAcrylate / PlexiglassTextile / LeatherWoodMarble
60W8-10 mmBest result is optimal speed & power4-8 mmToo little power
80W10 mmBest result is optimal speed & power6-10 mmToo little power
100W12-15 mmCan be used but not optimal8-12 mmEngraving possible
130W15 mmCan be used but not optimal10-15 mmEngraving possible

Quotation, Demonstration or test your own material?

Easy to use laser software

Preparing a laser assignment is done via the included laser software. You send digital designs to the laser machine and you can control the laser machine. With this software you can work in multiple layers with separate settings in each layer, so that combined jobs with multiple engraving or cutting operations can be carried out. This software is suitable for Windows, MAC OSX and Linux and available in multiple languages including Dutch, English, French, and so on. In the included Dutch manual you will find extensive information on how to operate the laser software and controller.

Laserworks laser software

Laser cutting - draw or import yourself

For laser cutting use is made of cutting drawings in vector format. In the laser software you can create a simple design yourself or import a vector file. These vector files come standard from more graphic programs such as Adobe Illustrator (ai format) or more technical programs such as AutoCAD or Fusion360.

Direct import of pdf-vector files

The following vector formats are supported by the laser software:

  • * .ai - Adobe Illustrator. Draw the industry standard for vector.
  • * .pdf - Portable Document Format. Standardized exchange of files.
  • * .dxf - Drawing Exchange Format. Standardized export format of most mechanical design software
  • * .svg - Scalable Vector Graphics. Format that is rapidly emerging and where a lot of open source software is available.

In addition, the following less frequently used vector files are supported.

  • * .hpgl
  • * .plt
  • * .rd

Quickly convert raster images to vector cutting files

With the laser software it is very easy to convert black and white (raster) images into vector files so that they can then immediately be used to cut them out.

Laser engraving - importing images

You can also use the laser software to import images for laser engraving. MetaQuip often uses PhotoGrav software for more complex images, which means that the conversion of images without further pre- or post-processing is always perfect. The laser software supports the following formats:

  • * bmp
  • * .jpg * .jpeg
  • * .png
  • * .gif
  • * .tga

Laser safety and CE certification

MetaQuip closed CO2 laser machines are laser class 1 products: safe under all circumstances. This has been measured and recorded in measurement reports drawn up by an independent laser safety authority. A higher laser class is less safe. Class 4 machines may only be used if extra protection and laser glasses are used. This kind of machines work with high power invisible laser light which can cause burns, eye damage and even blindness for the operator of the machine but also for bystanders. Take laser safety and CE certification seriously when buying this kind of laser machines and request the laser safety reports and technical construction files from your laser machine supplier! The CO2 Production machines comply with all applicable CE machine guidelines and laser safety standards. The CO2 Production machines are class 1 laser devices which means that in normal use, no one can ever be exposed to laser radiation. When the laser is opened, all lasers immediately switch off and the current laser job is interrupted. Safety first. More about laser safety & CE certification ...

Included as standard

MQ CO2 machine PRODUCTION series

Work surface 600 x 400 mm, 1000 x 600 mm, 1300 x 900 mm or 150 x 900 mm
MQ1060 CO2 laser machine laser cutter

Industrial water cooler

For active cooling of the laser tube. This is a closed system.
Industrial water cooler

Air compressor

Om overdruk bij lens te creëren waardoor deze minder snel vervuilt.
Air compressor for CO2 laser

Exhaust fan

To quickly remove welding fumes. Required: direct air discharge to the outside (100mm) or air filter.
Installation of a CO2 laserLaser software - Windows, MAC OSX, Linux

Software to import your vector or graphic files or prepare a simple laser job directly for laser processing.

Dutch-language product and software manual

extra options

Honeycomb bed

Instead of the standard knife bed, use a honeycomb bed so that materials can be laid flat and small objects remain on the work surface. More about honeycomb bed ...

Laptop with pre-installed laser software

It is possible to order a laptop with installed laser software with this CO2 laser machine, so that you can be sure that everything is working properly.

Air filters

Depending on the material you process, harmful substances and gases may be released during the laser process. In addition, there are a number of materials that cause serious odor nuisance and it is not always possible to realize an exhaust air outwards. In those cases it is possible to use an industrial air filter. These extract harmful gases, substances and odor from the air. The filtered air is then blown back into the room. More about air filters ...

Service contract

MetaQuip provides various service contracts so that you can be operational again within an agreed time in the event of a problem. In addition, MetaQuip also offers the possibility to do the maintenance of your laser machine. More about service contract ...

Laser engraving software

In order to always get good engravings, photos and pictures need to be converted to an on / off pattern with which the laser can handle. This is also dependent on the material used. In the supplied laser software there are a number of simple features, however, when you start engraving more often, the use of a program like PhotoGrav is recommended. With PhotoGrav you have perfect engraving every time. More about PhotoGrav ...

Rotation Module

With the optional rotation table also engrave or mark cylindrical objects (bottles, glasses, tubes). The rotary table rotates automatically. More about rotate modules ...

Servo motors

If you want to cut many curved objects from plastic such as acrylate, it might be interesting to replace the standard stepper motors with servo motors. When cutting curves with a servo motor, the edge is smoother and slightly smoother than with a stepping motor. With other materials such as wood and leather, this effect is not visible. MetaQuip offers the servo motor option from the MQ1060.  More about servo motors ...

Vision camera system

The PRODUCTION series can also be expanded with a vision camera system. This can recognize patterns and then make a cut out at that location. Consider, for example, embroidered labels that need to be cut free. The laser recognizes the embroidery and then fully automatically cuts the label.

Metal laser tube - Long life, ultimate spot quality

MetaQuip MQ1060 Production CO2 laser machine is also available with metal tube instead of a standard glass CO2 laser tube. The big advantage is that because of the aluminum construction there is a much better thermal heat economy, which makes the lifespan a lot longer than with a glass tube. On average, this is about 4-6 years of continuous use before replacement is necessary.

A metal tube has a better spot quality because it can be pulsed with a higher frequency giving a superior grid quality that is particularly reflected in detailed engraving. In addition, a metal tube is less vulnerable than a glass laser tube.

Technical specifications

  • Working area: 600x400mm 1000x600mm 1300x90mm 1500x900mm
  • Laser Type: Glass Sealed-off CO, laser tube, wavelength 10.6 um
  • Laser Power: 60W (on request), 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W
  • Laser Tube Cooling: Water Cooling with demi water
  • Laser output power: 0-100%
  • Engraving speed: 0-1200mm / s
  • Cutting speed: 0-600mm / s
  • Working voltage: AC230V / 110V +/- 10%, 50-60Hz
  • Position accuracy: +/- 0.01mm
  • Minimal Character size: 1mm
  • Machine Power: <1500W
  • Motorized Up-Down Table: High precision electric spindle 250mm
  • Work environment: Temperature 5-45 degrees Celsius, Humidity 5-95%
  • External dimensions [L x W x H]:
    • MQ6040H: 92 x 142 x 103cm (60W). The 80W version is about 25-35cm wider.
    • MQ1060H: 147 x 112 x 93cm (60W). The 80 / 100W version is about 25-35cm wider.
    • MQ1390H: 186 x 135 x 93cm (130W).
    • MQ1590: 200 x 142 x 105cm (150W).
  • Control software: Laser software Windows, MAC OSx, Linux (Laserworks on request)
  • Supported Formats:
    • vector: ai, pdf, dxf, svg, hpgl, plt, rd
    • raster image: bmp, jpg, jpeg, png, gif, tga


2 years on the machine with the exception of mirrors, lens, laser tube, and external accessories such as air fan and air compressor. The following applies to CO2 laser tubes:

  • The Supplier continually tests these tubes at 80% power in lab conditions, constant temperature.
  • With these test conditions a theoretical lifetime of 1500 - 2000 hours (40W & 60W tube) and 6000 to 8000 hours (80-100-130-150 W tube) is achieved.
  • In actual use, this lifetime will be shorter, because of the following deviating operating conditions with regard to the previously described test conditions of the Supplier:
    • the tube is often switched on / off
    • the tube is not used on continuous 80%

That is why these hours, under normal conditions of use, have been translated by MetaQuip to respectively 6 (40-60W) and 9 (80-100-130-150 W) months warranty. More about replacement laser tubes ...


See installation of a CO2 laser machine for more information about what you should consider in general terms when installing a CO2 laser.

Delivery & Shipping

If this machine is not in stock, the delivery time is normally between 8-12 weeks. Inquire about the current stock. Faster is possible at additional costs. This machine can be picked up (free) or delivered and installed for a fixed rate. By default, we assume delivery on the ground floor without stairs and doorways where the laser machine can run on its wheels. Delivery costs depend on the distance and accessibility of the delivery location. In addition to delivery and installation, MetaQuip can also provide product training on location based on your wishes.

More information

Product Leaflet CO2 Production-NL.pdf
Product Leaflet CO2 Production-EN.pdf

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