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Rotation module for CO2 laser

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Rotation module for engraving and laser cutting of round objects such as glasses, bottles and tubes.

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A rotation module for CO2 laser is an extension that makes it possible to laser engrave or laser cut round, cylindrical objects, such as glasses, bottles, legs, pens, lamps or plastic tubes. The workpiece is clamped onto the check. This chuck is controlled by the laser software. The design of the chuck allows you to easily clamp objects of different diameters.

Rotation module for CO2 laser machine Chuck

Easily work with cylindrical objects

Optimize the versatility and precision of your CO2 laser machine with our advanced Chuck Rotation Module. This groundbreaking addition takes your laser cutting and engraving experience to new heights by making it possible to machine objects with round or cylindrical shapes with pinpoint accuracy. The Chuck Rotation Module allows you to effortlessly create engravings, cuts and perforations on previously difficult-to-work objects, such as glass bottles, wooden cylinders and metal rods. Thanks to its intuitive operation and seamless integration with your existing CO2 laser machine, our Chuck Rotation Module opens the door to endless possibilities for your laser operations. Increase your productivity and improve precision with this innovative module that unleashes your creativity in machining a wider range of materials than ever before.

Perfect for the MetaQuip Production series

You can easily and quickly connect the rotation module to the MetaQuip production series. At the push of a button you can switch between the rotation module and the standard operation of your laser machine. With the chuck you can effortlessly clamp larger and heavier objects.

Rotation module chuck for laser machine