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UV Laser machine – laser engraving of plastic


Industrial UV lasers for engraving and marking PCB material, plastic or glass

MetaQuip UV laser machines are suitable for engraving and marking Printed Circuit Board material, plastics and plastics. Quickly place serial numbers, texts, barcodes, logos or images. Short engraving time. High contrast. Perfect engraving quality and resolution also for the finest details and around the edges. MetaQuip UV lasers are available in an open and closed version.

  • Laser engraving and marking Printed Circuit Board (PCB), glass, plastics
  • Applications: serial numbers, logos, barcodes, images
  • Laser power: 3W, 5W or 10W (355nm), optionally available with 3D head for engraving curved objects
  • Work surface: 100 x 100mm and extra lens for 200 x 200mm
  • Focus height laser: quick and easy setting of the correct focal height without measuring
  • XY table: for precise positioning of objects
  • Completely delivered with industrial air filter extraction & integrated industrial computer with laser software
  • CE certified and meets the laser safety standards

For 200 EURO delivered to you, installed and included basic training.

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Description   |   CE & laser safety   |   Included as standard   |   Specifications   |   Delivery, installation & training   |   Guarantee

Laser engraving of plastic, thin-walled glass and printed circuit boards

MetaQuip UV laser machines are suitable for marking and laser engraving a large number of plastics, thin-walled glass (wine glasses) and printed circuit boards. Engraving applications on other materials are also possible. Inquire about the possibilities.

Wavelength of 355nm

The wavelength of 355nm used is less intensive than the wavelength of CO2 or fiber lasers, so that the energy in the material is more controllable and less fusion occurs.

Applications of UV laser engraving machines

UV laser machines are particularly suitable for quickly placing serial numbers, texts, barcodes, logos or images on Printed Circuit Board material, thin-walled glass and a large number of plastics and plastics. The engraving time is short, the contrast is high (depending on the processed material) and directly scannable with standard barcode scanners and the engraving quality and resolution are sublime, also around the edges. MetaQuip UV laser machines are available in an open and closed version.

Laser engraving of printed circuit boards

Due to the wavelength of 355nm, MetaQuip UV laser machines are extremely suitable for engraving and marking Printed Circuit Board (PCBs). With a UV laser machine you can laser engrave serial numbers, text, barcodes, logos or images on Printed Circuit Board at lightning speed. On PCB material the engraving time is short, the contrast is high and directly scannable with standard barcode scanners.

UV laser barcodes on printed circuit board pcb material
Laser engraving barcodes, QR codes on Printed Circuit Board
uv laser machine plastics typumber laser engraving
Laser engraving of plastics

Laser engraving of plastics

MetaQuip UV laser machines are suitable for marking and laser engraving of plastics and plastics. A number of plastics can also be processed with fiber engraving lasers, but the quality of the results depends very much on the type of plastic. A UV laser machine produces a perfect and razor-sharp image with high contrast on almost all industrial plastics (3D printed materials are often difficult). Perfect for product labels, barcodes, type numbers, logos, etc. UV laser machines work quickly, with high resolution also around the edges.

Color and contrast of UV laser engravings

The contrast and precise coloring depend on the type of plastic and used filler and colorant of the base material. That is why it is advisable to always take a look at what the result looks like on the basis of a trial engraving.

Advantage of a UV laser machine compared to a fiber laser for laser engraving plastic

The advantage of a UV laser machine for softer materials such as plastics compared to a fiber laser is that fiber lasers burn the material due to the infrared light used, causing it to bulge, with the result that the sharpness of the engraving is much less than with a UV laser machine.

Laser engraving of thin-walled glassware

A UV laser machine is also perfect for laser engraving glassware. Especially for thinner glass, a UV laser machine is superior to a fiber laser or CO2 laser machine. With glass, a UV laser will remove many smaller glass particles from the surface compared to the other two laser machines. This creates a laser engraving with a much higher accuracy and sharpness.

3D laser head

To engrave round, curved objects or objects with height differences, a UV laser can also be equipped with a 3D head. This allows the focus height to be adjusted during the engraving process.

High resolution glass engraving with UV laser pattern
Laser engraving wine glasses with UV laser machine
Laser engraving wine glasses with UV laser machine

Laser power & work surface

MetaQuip supplies the UV engraving machine with a laser power of 3 Watt as standard. This UV engraving machine comes with two lenses, one that gives you a work surface of 100 x 100mm and one for a work surface of 200 x 200mm. With the larger work surface, the laser power is projected over a larger area, so that the laser power per unit area is lower. We are happy to help you choose the right power and work surface for your application.

Open or closed version

The MetaQuip UV lasers are available in closed and open versions. At the closed cupboard version (laser class 3R) no further laser protection is required during operation. Maximum safety is guaranteed at all times.

At the open version (laser class 4) the operator and other bystanders must at all times be given additional laser safety measures, such as the use of approved laser safety glasses. The advantage is that objects can be placed in a shorter time and removed again.

User-friendly software

MetaQuip UV lasers are easy to operate. With the included software it is child's play to quickly apply an engraving to your workpiece. With this software you can create your own design, enter text or import a vector design (logo) from other design packages such as Solidworks, Adobe Illustrator or other (vector) design programs. The software supports importing graphic image formats such as Coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop and AI, PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, SHX or TTF. With this you can easily make an engraving of an image or photo. A Dutch or English manual is supplied with the laser software.

Maintenance free

UV laser machines are virtually maintenance free. In combination with the long lifespan and high engraving speed makes these machines very suitable for use in almost every working environment. When working with UV lasers, toxic gases and small dust particles may be released depending on the material to be engraved. For health it is better not to breathe it. MetaQuip therefore supplies all its UV lasers including industrial air extraction. In addition to preventing possible health problems, the extraction also prevents these dust particles from contaminating your fiber laser, which benefits the life of the machine.

Air extraction and filtering

MetaQuip UV lasers come standard with an industrial air filter so that dust, vapor and gas are immediately extracted and cleaned. Use of good air extraction is recommended at all times! These air filters meet the set guidelines.

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CE certification & laser safety

MetaQuip UV lasers comply with all applicable CE European machine guidelines and laser safety standards. Please note this is not the same as carrying a CE logo on the machine as can often be found on laser machines imported from China, this stands for 'China Export'. A large number of these laser machines do not comply with European machine guidelines and laser safety standards! Your supplier must always be able to show the underlying documentation and measurement reports. The closed UV lasers are Class 3R laser devices. This basically means that the operator and anyone in the same room can never be exposed to high power laser light. As a result, no further protective measures need to be taken, such as wearing certified laser safety glasses to protect the eyes. The open version is a laser class 4 device in which extra laser safety measures must be taken at all times. MetaQuip supplies approved laser safety glasses.

Included as standard

This machine is delivered completely complete as standard. Delivery consists of the following parts:

  • UV-Laser machine - open or closed cabinet model. Maximum height adjustment 600mm
  • Focus level laser: quick and easy setting of the correct focal height without measuring
  • XY table: for precise positioning of (also heavier) workpieces
  • Lens for working surface of 100 x 100mm and a lens for a working surface of 200 x 200mm (optional other lenses available)
  • Industrial water cooler and air extractor
  • Integrated computer with laser software
  • Laser safety glasses suitable for class 3R fiber laser (only with open system)
  • Dutch or English language product & software manual


  • Rotation module: for engraving round objects
  • 300x300mm lens: for a work surface up to 300 x 300mm
  • 3D laser head: adjust focus height during the engraving process for curved objects
  • Motorized focus distance setting (Z-height): With the press of a button the laser head moves up and down, so that together with the focus height laser the correct focus height can be adjusted very easily and quickly.
  • Sliding door instead of a revolving door

Technical specifications

  • Working area: 100 x 100 mm or 200 x 200 with supplied extra lens Optional enlarging/reducing the working area (up to max. 300 x 300 mm)
  • Laser type: pulsed, high-energy laser (Nd: YVO4)
  • Wavelength laser: 355 nm
  • Emergency stop switch: yes
  • Key on / off switch: yes
  • Repeat frequency: 20k - 200 kHz
  • Laser power: 3Watt, 5Watt
  • Laser output power: 0-100%
  • Minimum spot diameter: 0.01 mm
  • Minimum line width: 0.01 mm
  • Linear marking speed: 0-12000 mm / s
  • Character engraving speed:> 800 characters / sec
  • Repeatability +/- 0.001 mm
  • Marking depth: 0.01 - 1 mm
  • Supply voltage: 230 Vac +/- 10%, 50-60 Hz
  • Machine Power: <750 W
  • Work table: Z (0-600 mm) setting
  • Dimensions [W x D x H]: 60 x 75 x 180 cm (closed)
  • Enclosure: open table model / closed, with integrated control, laser source, PC and screen (connection for foot pedal and extra IO)
  • Door design: sliding door (Z height up to 500mm) and rotation door (Z height up to 600mm)
  • Control via supplied computer with laser software installed
  • Working temperature: 13-28 degrees Celsius
  • Ambient temperature: -40-70 degrees Celsius
  • Industrial water cooler
  • Dutch or English product manual

Software: EzCad user-friendly software

  • Supported fonts: TrueType, SHX, JSF (Single line font), DMF (Dot Matrix Font), One-dimensional bar code, Two-dimensional bar code, etc.
  • Flexible variable text: changes the text in real time (such as numbering) while the laser is engraving. Link with Microsoft Excel files.
  • Direct reading of data via the serial port, and text data via the network
  • Draw simple figures and curves
  • Pictures formats: bmp, jpg, gif, tga, png, tif ...
  • Vector formats: ai, dxf, dst, plt ...
  • Simple IO operations to connect external equipment.
  • Dutch-language software manual

Industrial air filter extraction: complies with ISO 15012-4: 2016

Delivery, installation & training

Inquire about the current stock. If this machine is not in stock, the delivery time is between 11-13 weeks. Faster is possible against additional costs (delivery time 6-9 weeks). This machine can be picked up (free of charge) or delivered for a flat rate, installed on site and you will receive basic training on how to operate the machine.


2 year guarantee on the machine, 20,000 hours on the laser source (expected life 20,000 to 40,000 hours, depending on the conditions under which the machine is used).

More information

Product Leaflet UV laser-EN.pdf
Product Leaflet UV laser EN.pdf

Additional information

Laser power

3 Watt, 5 Watt, 10 Watt


Closed cupboard model, Open table model