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Roll-to-Roll Laser Die Cutting Machine

Roll-to-Roll Laser Die Cutting Machine

Fully digital, high-speed and automatic laser cutting die-cutting machine

Discover the latest technology in digital laser die cutting with MetaQuip's advanced roll-to-roll laser die cutting machines. These laser die cutting machines provide an efficient, accurate and cost-effective solution for all your cutting and finishing needs. With a wide range of applications and a user-friendly interface, our laser die cutting machines ensure maximum productivity and minimum downtime.

The roll-to-roll laser die cutting machine is a fully digital, high-speed and automatic machine for roll-to-roll applications. This machine delivers high-quality, on-demand conversion of roll materials, dramatically reducing lead time and eliminating costs through a complete, efficient digital workflow.

MetaQuip has an extensive portfolio of laser stand machines from compact suitable for smaller roles and applications to laser stand machines with a larger working area and higher speed for larger production needs. We can advise you on the right machine based on your wishes.

  • Applications: roll-to-roll, roll-to-sheet, roll-to-sticker
  • Maximum roll width: 230mm (9″) to 350 (13.7″)
  • Maximum roll diameter: 400mm (15.7″) to 750mm (29.5″)
  • Maximum rolling speed: 60-120 m/min
  • Laser power: 100/150W/300W/600W
  • Precision: ±0.1mm

Advantages of Roll-to-Roll Laser Die Cutting

MetaQuip's roll-to-roll laser die-cutting machines deliver high-quality, on-demand conversion of roll materials, with short turnaround time and lower costs compared to conventional die-cutting through a complete, efficient digital workflow.

  • Fast Turnaround Time: Process short runs quickly and offer same-day delivery for a variety of labels.
  • Cost reduction: No punching tools required, saving on capital investment, setup time, waste and storage space.
  • No Limitations in Graphic Designs: Cut labels with complex images quickly and accurately.
  • High speed: The galvanometric system allows the laser to move very quickly, with a cutting speed of up to 120 m/min.
  • Suitable for Different Materials: Processes various materials such as glossy paper, matte paper, cardboard, polyester, polypropylene and more.
Roll-to-roll free cutting of stickers


MetaQuip's digital laser die cutting machines are ideal for:

  • Labels and Stickers: Suitable for cutting both simple and complex labels and stickers.
  • Packaging: Cut packaging materials accurately and efficiently.
  • Industrial Materials: Perfect for cutting industrial tapes, reflective materials, and more.
  • Automotive and Electronics: Suitable for cutting protective films, gaskets, and various other materials in the automotive and electronics sectors.
roll 2 roll sticker laser machine
PET label die cutting machine
Safety stickers laser die cutting machine
Coated paper laser die cutting
Reflective transfer vinyl roll to roll
Complete laser cutting of stickers
Foil laser cutting
Paper label laser die cutting machine
Digital laser cutting labels
industrial stickers roll 2 roll laser cutting

Schematic representation of the roll-to-roll laser die-cutting machine

Below is a schematic representation of the roll-to-roll laser die cutting machine, illustrating the main modules and their functions:

  1. Supply and Laminating Module:
    • Ensures the accurate feeding of the roll material.
    • Adds a protective or decorative laminate to the material.
  2. Laser module:
    • Cuts the desired shapes from the roll material with high precision.
    • Uses a powerful CO2 laser, optimized for speed and accuracy.
    • Supports full cutting, kiss cutting, punching, engraving and marking.
  3. Camera Registration and Barcode Reader:
    • The camera registration module automatically detects and corrects the position of the material for precise cutting.
    • The barcode reader scans barcodes for quick identification and automatic task changes.
  4. Cutting and Rewinding Systems:
    • The cutting module makes precise cuts for separating individual labels or stickers.
    • The rewind module neatly rolls up the finished labels for further processing or shipping.
  5. Post-processing such as UV Varnish module:
    • Applies a UV lacquer layer that is cured under UV light.
    • Provides a high-quality, protective and decorative finish to the labels and stickers.

This schematic representation shows how the different modules work together to achieve efficient and high-quality production of labels and stickers, from input to finishing and packaging.

ROLL-TO-ROLL laser machine

Extra options

Camera and Barcode Reader

For automatic task changes during production.

A camera registration module uses advanced image processing technology to accurately detect and control the position of the material. This ensures high precision when cutting and positioning labels and stickers, and enables automatic corrections to minimize deviations.

A barcode reader module scans barcodes on the roll or material to enable fast and error-free identification and processing. This system supports automatic job changes and improves efficiency by ensuring the correct cutting program is applied based on the scanned barcode.

Registration of sensor and encoder characteristics

UV Varnishes

Add extra finishes to your products.

The UV varnish module applies an ultraviolet (UV) varnish layer to the material, which provides a high-quality, protective and decorative finish. This lacquer layer is cured under UV light, making the surface of the labels or stickers resistant to wear, scratches, and other environmental factors. UV varnishing can provide either a gloss or matte finish and increases the visual appeal and durability of the finished products.

This module not only improves the aesthetics, but also extends the life of the labels and stickers by providing extra protection.

Flexo printing and varnishing

Cutting and Rewinding Systems

The cutting module is designed for precise cutting of labels and stickers from a roll of material. The system can apply various cutting techniques, such as full cutting, kiss cutting, perforating and contour cutting, depending on the requirements of the application. This ensures flexibility and precision when processing complex designs and various material types.

The winding module ensures that the cut labels and stickers are neatly rolled up on a new roll. This system precisely manages the winding to prevent wrinkles, shifts and other irregularities. It can also be adjusted for different roll widths and diameters, contributing to an efficient and organized production process.

Roll-to-roll free cutting of stickers


Applying a protective or decorative layer to the material before or after it is cut. This laminating module ensures that the labels or stickers are covered with a transparent film that protects them against wear, moisture and other environmental factors, while it is also possible to add a gloss or matte finish. 

Automatic laminating


A roll of labels or stickers is cut into individual sheets or pieces. This makes it possible to process the long, continuous roll of material into manageable, individual sheets, which can be useful for further processing, packaging or distribution.

Sheeting from roll materials to sheets

Technical specifications

Laser typeCO2 laser (IR laser, UV laser options)
Laser power150W, 300W, 600W
Maximum cutting width350mm
Maximum roll width 370mm
Maximum roll diameter750mm
Maximum roll speed80m/min

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