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Special laser machines

MetaQuip supplies a number of special laser machines for specific non-everyday applications. In addition, adjustments to machines are also possible, of which you can find a number of examples. If your application or type of machine you are looking for is not listed, we can look together to see whether we can supply this machine, easily adapt existing machines or develop a completely new machine.

Custom build laser machines
Custom-made special laser machines

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Special laser machines – CO2 laser machines

Portal / Open Bed CO2 Laser Machines 

Portal Lasers are open bed CO2 lasers for laser cutting or laser engraving of large surfaces.
Dimensions up to 150 x 300cm. Laser powers up to 350W.

High-speed CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
MQ1390C Combi High-Power CO2 metal, wood, acrylic laser cutter

Accurate and stable cutting at high speeds of thin materials such as fabric or stickers. The most added value is a high-speed machine for laser engraving. Time gains can increase to more than 30%.

High-speed CO2 Galvo Laser Engraving Machine
CO2 Galvo Laser engraving machine

Laser engravings up to 5 times faster than with standard CO2 lasers. Metal tube with long life and no moving parts.

High-Power CO2 Combi Metal Laser Cutter
MQ1390C Combi High-Power CO2 metal, wood, acrylic laser cutter

CO2 lasers with an extra power to cut through sheet material of steel and stainless steel. Also for wood and plastic. MetaQuip also supplies plasma cutters for cutting thicker metal.

Dual head CO2 laser machine

In addition to CO2 laser machines with a laser head, it is also possible to equip MetaQuip's professional series with a second laser head, as shown here. Both laser heads are controlled independently of each other from the software. A CO2 laser machine with two laser heads can be interesting in the following cases:

Laser cutting of thick materials in combination with laser engraving

If you want laser engraving in addition to laser cutting thick materials (up to 15-20 mm), then a laser head with double head is recommended. It is not only bad for the laser tube to use the heavy tube, which is normally used for laser cutting for laser engraving, it is also difficult to find the right settings for the heavy tube, because the laser power can not be accurately adjusted. is set. Therefore, in addition to the heavy laser tube for cutting, a second, lighter laser tube is placed for engraving.

Reduce working time by a factor of 2

With a laser machine with two laser heads you can work twice as fast, but the working area is halved. So this must fit the maximum size of your workpiece.

CO2 laser machines with two laser heads / dual head
Dual head CO2 laser machine

Continuous feed conveyors

Textile, leather, role 2 role applications

MetaQuip can also offer machines with continuous feed conveyors. These can be of interest to the fabric and leather processing industry. Contact us to discuss the various options together.

Special laser machines – fiber laser engraving machines

Tampo pressure cliche laser engraving machine

Laser engrave your own printing plates, flexible, fast and cost-effective. MetaQuip has, in collaboration with Tampo Techniek Nederland BV (TTN), realized a complete solution with which you can make your own clichés.

UV fiber laser engraving machine for plastic

Industrial UV lasers for engraving and marking PCB material, a large number of plastics or glass. Fast, good contrast and easy to program. Engravings are permanent and without the use of inks in the material.

Welcome for a demonstration or further advice

MetaQuip can help you with specialized advice to select the right machine that is most suitable for your specific material or application. Contact us for more information, an appointment or demonstration through us Contact Form. It is also always possible to send your material and digital design or bring it with us then we can make it on our machines to see if the result meets your expectations.

Custom build solutions

In addition to standard laser machines, MetaQuip also supplies custom build solutions and innovation and integration projects. Inquire about the possibilities

Custom build laser machines & custom projects

In addition to standard and special laser machines, MetaQuip also supplies fully custom build laser machines. In addition, MetaQuip can support integration and innovation projects in the field of laser technology.

For machine adjustments, think of, for example:

  • Options for processing fabrics from roll to roll
  • Portable top laser for engraving marble stone
  • Double heads for accelerator engraving and cutting
  • Larger machines up to 2.5mx 1.6m work area
  • Machine integration in a production line
  • Automatic loading and unloading with robots
Decomposing bottles with laser
Bottle desleeved machine developed by MetaQuip