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Training EzCad fiber laser engraving laser software

This training for EzCad software as used for MetaQuip's fiber laser engraving lasers shows in a number of training videos how to work with EZCAD. The basis for simple texts for laser engraving in metals, but also for the laser engraving of barcodes and data matrix codes and importing codes from Excel. If you still have questions after watching these EzCad fiber laser engraving videos, please contact us. We are happy to help you to work better with your fiber laser laser machine.

Introduction EzCad software

Text options in EzCad

Automatic numbering with EzCad

Laser engraving barcodes with EzCad software

Import information from MS Excel with EzCad

Laser engraving images with EzCad

Laser time and date engraving with EzCad software

Engrave data matrix codes with EzCad software

MetaQuip Fiber Laser Metal laser engraving machines EzCad software
Training EzCad software fiber laser engraving

More information about MetaQuip fiber laser engraving lasers

Metal laser engraving and marking

Low power fiber lasers are used for laser engraving of metals. Think of stainless steel, aluminum, silver, platinum gold and a large number of other metals. The working area of a fiber laser is standard 10 x 10 cm or 20 x 20 cm and optionally expandable to 30 x 30 cm. In addition to difference in power, there are also so-called MOPA fiber lasers especially suitable for laser engraving in color.

Advantages of a fiber laser

  • Short engraving time. Also suitable for fast processes.
  • No post-processing required, immediate production quality.
  • Works on all metals and a number of plastics.
  • The engraving is really tangible in the material.
  • The engraving is permanent, other than printing, painting or with stickers.
  • Flexible and quick to adjust or automatically numbered.
  • Clean marking without additives and contaminants (medical, food, process industry).