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Training Laserworks – CO2 laser machines

This Laserworks training explains in a number of training videos how to use the Laserworks software. MetaQuip supplies Laserworks in all its CO2 laser machines from 2016. Laserworks works on all Microsoft Windows versions and also on Apple MAC OSX via a virtual machine such as Virtual Box or Parrallels. Laserworks can be installed on multiple PCs and no dongles are required. This is especially useful during design processes because you can easily check whether your design is properly imported into Laserworks. If you are missing any topics, please let us know and we will add them. Laserworks makes importing photos easier compared to Lasercut, however the (automatic) import and editing options of Photograv deliver better laser engraving results in most cases.

Training Laserworks
Laserworks user interface

Introduction - part 1

Settings - part 2

Cut Settings & Simulation - Part 3

Drawing & Importing - part 4

Photos laser engraving - part 5

Grouping & Matrix - part 6