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Glass laser engraving

glass laser engraving
Laser engraving of glass with CO2 or UV laser (more detail and usually better suited for thin-walled glass)

Crystal and glass laser engraving and etching

Glass laser engraving with laser technology offers incredible design freedom. Even the most detailed photos and images are engraved with high precision on wine glasses, beer glasses, bottles or mirrors. Any design that can be printed on glass can also be etched with the laser. The major advantage of laser engraving glass is that no (potentially polluting) materials/inks are added, and the engraving hardly wears off over time as the engraving is really in the material and it also just looks chic. Laser engraving of glassware is fast, odorless and clean.

Quotation, demonstration or try your own glassware? 

You are most welcome to see whether laser technology is a suitable solution for your engraving application or application. Bring your digital design or material with you to a demonstration and we can view the result on the spot.

Glass types suitable for glass laser engraving

  • Pressed glass
  • Float glass
  • Crystal glass
  • Mirror glass

Thick-walled glass laser engraving

for the what coarser work and thick-walled glassware In most situations, a CO2 laser will suffice. The standard LITE and PRODUCTION machines use a moving head. That works, but is not suitable for higher volume production. In that case, MetaQuip recommends a CO2 Galvo laser machine On. View the full CO2 laser machine overview:

Thin-walled glass laser engraving

In front of thin-walled glassware such as wine glasses is in many cases a UV laser a more suitable solution because it works more subtly, with less power, resulting in higher resolution and relatively little heat is introduced into the material, so that minimal material stress is created. UV lasers also work with a mirror head without further moving parts, making this technique also suitable for volume production.

Based on your wishes, requirements and application, we can quickly determine the suitable machine for your application together.

Laser engraving of glass

How does glass laser engraving work?

Etching a glass with the laser is very simple. During glass laser engraving, the material is etched directly. No pattern needs to be produced, such as with sandblasting. So design, convert to the laser, place glass and start engraving.

What result can I get with glass laser engraving?

Laser engraving of glass can be compared to the "matting" of the material. Only the surface of the glass is etched. With the fine laser beam it is possible to engrave even the most detailed photos, texts and logos.

How does laser engraving on bottles or crystal work?

For the laser engraving of glass, drinking glasses, wine glasses, beer glasses or bottles are clamped in a circular engraving extension of the CO2 laser. This makes it possible to engrave the entire circumference. The software perfectly supports the engraving of glass. All you have to do is define the diameter of the glass and the height of the image.

Can the laser also be used for cutting glass?

Laser cutting of glass is not possible because the surface of glass reflects.

Suitable laser machines - CO2 laser machines

For cutting wood, leather, and a large number of plastics, you need a CO2 laser machine. Important things to keep in mind are: what is the maximum size of the object that I want to cut out, that determines the size of your worktop and what is the maximum thickness that has to be cut that determines the laser power you need.

Laser engraving glass with more detail and higher resolution – UV lasers

Over the years we have noticed that in addition to the somewhat coarser glass engraving such as with a CO2, more industrial users need finer engraving work with more detail and a higher resolution. That can be achieved with MetaQuip's UV lasers. This machine works with a different wavelength so that glassware can be engraved with more precision and control. Here are a couple of examples. By using a 3D laser head it is also possible to engrave curved or round objects. This is done at high speed so that it can also be used industrially.

High resolution glass engraving with UV laser logo
High resolution glass engraving with UV laser pattern
High resolution glass laser engraving with UV laser - barcode
High resolution glass laser engraving with UV laser - written text