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VTI Tielt is going to battle Corona with MetaQuip laser cutter

The VTI van Tielt is fighting the corona virus. On Tuesday, the school turned on their MetaQuip lasercutter to make 700 face screens. They should be ready by Wednesday evening.

After the Sint-Jozefsinstituut already started to sew mouth masks for the Sint-Andries hospital, the VTI is now throwing intermunicipal corona task force their MetaQuip laser cutter in the fight against corona. “We were asked to provide five hundred facial protectors, but thanks to Exolon (until recently better known as Covestro - ed.) We have enough microfilm for about seven hundred pieces,” says director Charlotte Strobbe.

VTI Tielt uses MetaQuip laser cutter to make 700 face masks against the spread of Corona
Corona protection mask with MetaQuip laser machine

3 minutes per screen

The management team and five teachers cut out the first screens on Tuesday afternoon. “We can work very quickly thanks to our laser cutter. About every three minutes a copy is cut out in the Fablab and if all goes well we will have everything ready by Wednesday afternoon. Although manual work is also involved. The biggest work will be attaching the rubber bands and the Velcro. ” 

The screens, like classic mouth masks, should help prevent corona contamination. They will be distributed to caregivers by the city and by the intermunicipal task force.

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These materials are cut with a MetaQuip CO2 laser cutter from the production series. More information about our CO2 laser machines can be found here. Go to CO2 laser machines ..