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Wood laser engraving with a CO2 laser

Wood laser engraving with a CO2 laser engraving machine

Wood laser engraving with a CO2 laser is possible and gives a nice result, depending on the wood used. Think of the accurate burning of the top layer of the wood with a magnifying glass or a soldering iron for wood. With a laser it is possible to achieve a much higher resolution and make the same object a number of times, with each product looking exactly the same.

Power required for laser engraving of wood

To be able to laser engrave wood, a laser power of 40W is sufficient. If you also want to cut the part free afterwards, you will soon need a laser power of 60W or more. See the more information section below to get a complete overview of the different machines.

How does laser engraving work from wood?

You place the wooden plate or the wooden object (maximum thickness about 20cm without extra tricks), then you load your design (logo, decoration, text, picture) and start the laser engraving operation. After a few minutes, the machine is ready and you take the workpiece out of the machine.

Laser engraving wood with a CO2 laser machine
Laser engraving wood with a CO2 laser machine

Want to get a quote, demonstration or your own material? 

You are most welcome to see whether laser technology is a suitable solution for your cutting or engraving application or application. Bring your digital design or material to a demonstration and we can view the result on the spot. Of course you can also send it.

What is there to place a CO2 laser machine?

To place a laser machine you need 3 things: the space to install the CO2 laser machine, 230V outlet and a drain to the outside. Our machines have their own exhaust fan and are supplied with flexible hose, so this can initially be carried out through an open window. It is of course advisable to replace this over time with a permanent solution (air exhaust as with a stove) or industrial air filter.

Tricks to get a better result

Laser engraving of wood is a process by which the surface of the wood is burned with a highly concentrated light beam. This releases smoke and vapor. This down on the workpiece and cools down there. That is why there is often a haze of precipitation around the engraved part. By sticking the workpiece in advance with painter's tape (from paper), the released vapor precipitates on it and the rest of the wood remains nicely blank.

Example how this works

Here is a video how to do this. If you have any questions or want to see how this works for your application, we will be happy to work with you further.

More information

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