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advice and support laser machine

Advice & support

We will work with you to find the laser machine that best suits your needs and application. In addition, we install and train based on your needs. We have a teaching package for schools so that you can quickly fit the machines into your education.
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service laser machine


We have our own service team for maintenance and problems. On the support site you can find the latest software, manuals and frequently asked questions. We have most parts in stock, so your machine never stands still for a long time.
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safe laser machine


We ensure that our machines are safe at all times on all fronts: electrical, the moving parts, the processing of gases and vapors that are released and especially the laser safety. This allows you to be sure that you can really work safely.
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Make what you want with the latest laser machines from MetaQuip.

We provide smart solutions that make it quick, safe and simple to get started. We supply machines with which you can engrave, mark and cut. We adapt them, extend them and make them safe to work with. We offer you personal advice and practical training. We provide maintenance and support so that you can always rely on your laser machine.

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Our most sold machines

CO2 laser machines

High precision laser cutting and laser engraving of a large number of (organic) materials.

Fiber laser engraving machines

Laser engraving and marking of metals quickly and with extremely high accuracy.

Portal laser machine for cutting large areas

Special laser machines

Special engraving, marking and cutting laser applications and custom solutions.

MQ-FC1390 metal laser cutter

Fiber laser metal cutting machine

Laser cutting of metals with high precision and speed.

Endless applications

Choose your material and view all applications

Need help choosing the right laser machine?

Our experts are happy to help you

MetaQuip Fiber Laser Metal laser engraving machines

Fast, smart solutions

Industrial users increasingly use our laser machines for fast, smart solutions for tagging and tracibility. It is therefore a clean and flexible process, without residue and with lasting results. You can engrave all logos and other details on your parts and products.

We also offer the perfect solution for the manufacturing industry, schools and fablabs for specific questions and technical needs. With a good laser machine you can shape ideas and immediately bring them to life.
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Work optimally and safely

We sell you a good machine at a competitive price with which you can work optimally and safely. We specialize in customizing machines and we ensure that they comply with all European safety standards.
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With us you always count on a practical basic training. We have even made a teaching package for schools that allows students to achieve a real-own-result step by step. We also offer you service, support and maintenance. This way you can work with your laser machine for a long time and safely.

Laser machines for schools

Curious about the possibilities or would you like advice?

Make an appointment without obligation

for a demonstration

or more information

If you bring your materials, objects or digital designs to be processed, we can quickly determine the correct laser settings for the best cutting, engraving or marking results. In this way you will get the most complete picture of the possibilities of laser processing.

Of course you can also send it to us (in advance) and we will see for free what the maximum results are.

Do you want to know who preceded you? Here are a number of MetaQuip customers who you can always contact to ask about their experiences.


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