CO2 Laser Machines

CO2 laser machines can be used for laser cutting and laser engraving of a large number of materials. A CO2 laser machine processes the material non-contact and can cut or engrave objects, logos or photos with great precision. This is possible for creative projects, prototyping and industrial serial production. MetaQuip has a complete product range of CO2 laser cutters & engraving machines, for home use to professional production machines.

Materials suitable for CO2 laser processing

CO2 laser machines can be used for laser cutting or laser engraving of a large number of materials. Think of materials such as:

  • Plastic such as acrylate (PMMA, Plexiglas) & foils
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Textiles, leather and latex
  • Wood such as plywood, plywood, oak, beech, etc.
  • Rubber stamp

Laser engraving (not cutting!) Of materials such as glass or anodised aluminum is also possible with a CO2 laser. Full bill of materials

CO2 Laser Machines for production

Standard CO2 laser machines

CO2 laser machines are perfectly suited for engraving a large number of materials (for metal engraving you generally need a fiber laser machine!) And laser cutting. Think of a large number of plastics, wood, leather, paper, cardboard and so on. A complete list can be found here. All our machines, except the LITE series, are prepared for the use of a rotation module. You can always easily add these later.


Entry model for engraving and light carving. Available in 40W and 60W.


Full-fledged CO2 laser machine with automatic focus height adjustment.


Work surface from 60 x 40 cm to 150 x 90 cm and laser powers from 60-150W.


CO2 lasers are widely applicable. The power is that a digital design can be realized immediately without waiting. The results can in most cases be used immediately without further finishing.

Laser engraving

With CO2 lasers you can also engrave a large number of materials, such as wood, leather and glass. For high-resolution metal engraving are generally fiber lasers recommended.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is possible with all CO2 laser machines, however the greater the laser power the thicker the material can be cut. There are also CO2 laser cutters available that can cut through thin metal plates.

Possible applications

  • Cutting of plastic housings for electronics.
  • Loose cutting of injection-molded parts.
  • Engraving promotional gifts such as pens, fleece, wooden utensils.
  • Engraving and cutting leather for shoes, belts, bags and so on.
  • Engraving glass (with the optional rotation module also round glasses).
  • Cutting or engraving of wooden objects, toys, home decoration, furniture.
  • Advertising signage applications.
  • Engraving of anodised front panels or type plates.
  • Remove paint, anodize or other top layers of metal.
  • Fusing of engraving materials.
  • Cutting paper and cardboard.
  • And so on….

Where are CO2 lasers used

  • Industry (from small to large series)
  • Test labs
  • Prototype builders
  • Starting (creative) make companies
  • Schools and fablabs
  • Hobby / Individuals

Why MetaQuip?

Reliable quality machines

We only supply laser machines that we ourselves support. Laser machines with the best technology, completely safe and that comply with the CE machine guidelines. The laser safety tests have been carried out by qualified external test agencies.

Good service

MetaQuip likes to work long term with its customers. In our view, this requires good and honest advice during purchasing, transparent price building and delivering good and fast service. We also help you if there are problems. More about our service ...

sharp prices

MetaQuip supplies all its machines complete and 100% functionally tested and controlled so that you can get started immediately. Prices include all necessary accessories, clear manuals and basic training.

Comprehensive training

We want customers who work with their laser machines. That is why we provide basic training with every machine, so you can get started quickly. You also have access to our support site with clear instruction videos. Of course you can always ask your questions.

Design and Quality Control

MetaQuip is continuously working on improving its machines, both technically and product design and finishing. Every machine is checked for at least 90 points before it leaves the factory in China. Improvements and innovations are directly coordinated with the design team in China. After the machines arrive in the Netherlands, they are once again fully technical and laser safety checked before they are delivered and then tested 100% functionally. Only then will an appointment be made with you for delivery.

MetaQuip only works with selected, large suppliers with whom we have built up a long-term relationship. This is crucial to perfectly coordinate design and production and to deliver the quality that we want to stand for.

Welcome for a demonstration or further advice

MetaQuip can help you with specialized advice to select the right machine that is most suitable for your specific material or application. Contact us for more information, an appointment or demonstration through us Contact Form. It is also always possible to send your material and digital design or bring it with us then we can make it on our machines to see if the result meets your expectations.
We can also support in selecting process parameters, designing tools and industrial (software) integration.

Custom CO2 Laser Machines

Laser machines suitable for special operations, extra fast cutting or engraving or for extra large surfaces. If the machine you are looking for is not listed please contact us.

High-Speed CO2 Laser Machine

Accurate and stable cutting at high speeds of thin materials such as fabric or stickers. The most added value is a high-speed machine for laser engraving. Time savings during laser engraving is about 25-30%.

CO2 Galvo Laser engraving machine

Laser engravings up to 50x faster than with standard CO2 lasers. Metal tube with long life and no moving parts.

CO2 Portal Laser Machine

Portal lasers are open bed CO2 laser for laser cutting or laser engraving of large surfaces up to 150 x 300 cm.

New CO2 machine development & modifications

MetaQuip also supplies customized machines and can also support innovations in the field of laser technology or develop and produce a completely new machine. Contact us for the possibilities. For example, think about machine adjustments, for example:

  • Options for processing fabrics from roll to roll
  • Portable top laser for engraving marble stones
  • Double heads for accelerator engraving and cutting
  • Larger machines up to 2.5mx 1.6m work area
  • Machine integration in a production line
  • Automatic loading and unloading with robots
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