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What MetaQuip stands for

laser machines



custom build


We stand for reliable, high-quality machines that we work with. We are continuously improving machines and adding new innovations. Every machine is extensively tested and checked after manufacture.


Of course there are questions. Of course something breaks. Even then we will try to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Service and support at normal rates. In addition, we provide extensive training to help you on your way as quickly as possible.


Our laser machines are used in all kinds of places. Also by people who are less aware of the potential dangers (especially for the eyes) of laser technology. That is why we supply machines that are intrinsically safe to those places. Tested by the two leading authorities in the Netherlands in this field.


MetaQuip has a competitive price/quality ratio. High quality at a competitive price.

Honest advice

We always try to realize the best and most practical solution for your situation, specifically for your application and needs.

Technical advice

We can also support more complex technical issues from A to Z. A quick and easy first evaluation and then together we look further into how to approach things.

custom build

MetaQuip also supplies custom solutions for specific (production) applications. In a number of cases, a smaller adjustment or innovation is also sufficient.

FC1510 production laser cutter metal