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Fiber laser metal cutter placement

For the installation of the fiber laser metal cutter MQ FC1390, you must take into account the following distances and dimensions. The sizes below are also relevant for the other fiber laser metal cutters in the MetaQuip product range. If you want or need to deviate from these placement indications, you can contact MetaQuip. We will then make a suitable placement proposal for your situation.

Moving fiber laser metal cutter

Fiber laser metal cutters are heavy duty machines. Depending on the size and type of machine, you must pick up the machine at the specified lifting points. These are shown in red below for the MQ-FC1390. Make sure you use a forklift that is suitable for lifting the weight and dimensions of the machine!

Fiber laser metal cutter placement

You must be able to walk around the machine at all times, which is why we recommend leaving at least 80cm space around the wall. At the rear you should keep 125-175cm free for the necessary peripherals such as water coolers and air filters. The power flow connection is also normally placed on the back wall.

Placement of water cooler, air filter and gas cylinders

Typically the air filter, water cooler and auxiliary gas cylinders are placed behind the fiber laser metal cutter roughly at the distances shown below. Since you will have to replace the gas bottles regularly, it is recommended that they are easily accessible. The back wall is also the best location for the fire extinguishers.

Schematic overview drawing of fiber laser metal cutter placement

Below is a schematic outline drawing that you can use as a guide. If you have any questions, please contact MetaQuip.